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Thread: We are so screwed

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    these republicans who are in japan's pocket are really gonna screw us over, we need the big 3 to become what they were in there hayday, a company creating american cars and american jobs. Thats great that we have toyota and such creating jobs, but we need the big 3 as well. I am a believer that even if the big 3 fail sirius will make it, whoever is selling cars will be selling sirius in it, doesnt matter who, But america needs the big 3 producing in the us again, with us parts and us workers, and please dont vote for a republican in your local election's, if you dont like dem's then vote independent, just please god get rid of these redneck, brainless, sister banging idiots already. Let them go be ministers and such were they belong, where there lack of realism will not harm anyone.

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    i believe that somebody will help the big 3, i dont think they want a depression. even with that though, we still have quite a few hurdles to get over, including the mandate for hd radio, and as we all know the debt do next year...

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    Although it all looks bad, this thing is still not over. The White House & Treasury Department are going to tap into funds in order to make this thing work. Word has it that they will be working out the details all weekend.

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