Am I the only one that thinks all of these extra charges for things that should be included with our subscriptions are ridiculous?

Why are we getting some XM channels with the lineup merge but we have to pay for the good ones? Wouldn't you think that the benefit of giving people those channels would add more to the bottom line with subscriptions? Let's create a product that people want and market to their friend because its so damn good (since we all know the marketing department is inept).

On top of that subscribers have to pay a for a "premium" internet radio feed when other online radio services offer that same kind of quality for FREE. Again, Sirius XM should be eating the cost of the extra bandwidth to create a truly great product that will market itself and stop nickel and dimeing it's loyal subscribers.

This isn't about me wanting something for nothing as I can afford the extras, its about Sirius XM stepping up and doing the right thing. I am thinking about making this front page news for all to see but I wanted to get a feel for what others think.