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Thread: more ads...more confidence

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    more ads...more confidence

    Hello all:

    As an avid CNBC listener on SiriusXM I thought I would share (maybe you already have heard) the new ads I've been hearing on the channel. These are Sirius streamed as their info is also popping up on my S50 display, so I am assuming SiriusXM is getting paid for them and they are not a duplicate of the television feed.

    Advertisers include: Bose, Hyundai and Bosch

    I'm guessing a new month means new advertising contracts as I've only strarted to hear them in the past few days...a relief from the colon cleanse and Chet Holmes ads I've had to endure for some time now ;-)

    I know it's not much yet but we're heading in the right direction.

    Spirits up all

    - J

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    Good news. Thanks, Jason.

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