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Thread: CBC SiriusXM Worst Nightmare...

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    CBC SiriusXM Worst Nightmare...

    Hey everyone,

    I am sure you all read this.

    My question is, do you think we have something to fear from other forms of music entertainment or internet radio??? Do you think SiriusXM can compete with products such as these?

    Also I am kind of curious about the age of people on this forum? This seems like kind of a young crowd?

    I am 23 years old by the way.


    Hopeful ~~ Long Sirius

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    29 years old.

    Of course Sirius XM has things to worry about from alternate sources of entertainment. The edge that Sirius XM will keep is the level of content, and the fact that it is commercial free. If internet makes it to vehicles, Sirius will start to utilize that to increase bandwith. They don't need an FCC license to broadcast over the internet.

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    I keep hearing about internet radio but ---- I am in Canada and we still have ALOT of areas that can't even get high speed wired internet. The idea of internet access in vehicles that actually works .... I personally think that it is a long way off. Perhaps it is different in the US but I suspect that the only areas that it MAY work is in the major metro areas. Satellite internet access is available here for homes but it is still quite expensive and likely too pricey for auto applications??? Comments??

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    rdio streamed over ur cellphone, thtas the market to me that can damage sirius bad, they need to lead this market and they need to do it now.

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