I don't friggen believe this, but I love my XACT Replay XTR8 that is hooked up in my car directly to 12V, has no proprietary "dock" connectors and just works wonderful!

I have a Lifetime membership since 11/04, and last week, coincidentally 11/08 it stopped service. I called, and they told me my account was messed up (had a future start date) and that they couldn't fix it right away, to wait 24 hours. I then called everyday for a week and same story. I finally got someone on the phone who finally decided to delete the account and recreate the account... and they've been trying to send me activation signals for 2 days now... NOTHING.

Now they claim my radio is bad... gee how convenient. And I've been reading through the forums and I'm starting to see what is going on. It looks like that I'm screwed now. My radio might be junk now if what everybody is saying about the freq's is true. So, to get my service back, I'd have to get a new radio, wire a new power supply in my car, deal with a clunky dock thing. And...how is this MY problem?????

WTF? I even have other monthly radios on my account. This is unbelievable.
This whole merger thing is a bunch of bull, and I could care less about Oprah and the other crap they have, I want my Howard and the other Sirius stuff I signed a Lifetime membership for!

And, by the way, they tell me that the Lifetimes end automatically after 4 years "in case" you didn't need it anymore, and you just need to call and let them to know keep it going...

I'm going to be calling the Corporate office number in the morning: 212-584-5100 to give them my 2 cents.

If anybody has suggestions or helpful comments, please let me know. I'll be sure to post my outcome here. I'm really ticked off though.