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Please offer some advice...just lost my hubby to cancer and I've got my hands full....I have told them I am not in a postion to and refuse to pay extra for what I already have paid for....got my boxing gloves on...really pissed about this whole situation.
I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope there is something I can do to help. Based on what you wrote, are you having a problem with your equipment or the terms of your Sirius and XM subscriptions? If it's equipment, let me know what you have and maybe there's something we can work out. If it's your subs, then the best I can do is offer some advice. There may be a chance we can put sirius in your factory car which would only add an additional sub to your sirius account and take away the XM. This should knock down the expenses for your subs quite a bit. Another solution would be to go to an additional XM portable device and get rid of the sirius. You can add a "best of sirius" package to your unit and still get a lot of missed content that sirius has but XM does not. Let me know a little bit more about your situation here and maybe there is more I can do to help.