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Thread: Problems with S 50!!!!

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    Problems with S 50!!!!


    I have had an S 50 since march and never had any problems with it until about 3 weeks ago. Suddenly the signal strength started going up and down. in the home base unit. I tried another antena...did the same thing.....tried it in the car...same thing. Called tech support they said unit must be bad. Supended my account for three weeks (no Howard) till finally I bought another off ebay. I now have 2 base units hooked to 2 different antenas I activate the new unit and it is doing the same thing. I call tech support and they now say it must need an update. They say I can't do it with a mac.... I'm pissed.... if this is the case why didn't they tell me this 3 weeks ago. I wouldn't have missed 3 weeks of howard and spent another 100 buck buying another one. Has anyone else had this problem with there S50??????

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    No Reply"s.... No one can give me any insight as to what's going on here? Spent 5 hours on the phone with Sirius. No help....Still no Howard Stern for me. Anyone looking for S50 hardware? I have about a $1000.00 dollars worth now. 2 receivers, 1 home kit, 1 executive home kit, 2 car kits. 4 antenas.

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    I had the same problem with my S50, signal issues....the S50 needs an update then it should work fine. I originally ignored the email Sirius sent me and didn't catch the S50 update link on their website. When I called customer service they walked me through it and it works perfectly now.

    I have a PC, not sure if you can do it on a MAC. Go to your local library or borrow a friends computer, its real easy to do. If you pay shipping or if you're local to Orange County, CA Ill do it for you... how much do you want for the executive home stereo?

    good luck, and hey, don't give up, it's a hassle but its worth it.

    - J

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