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Thread: Create Ads geared towards used vehicles

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    Create Ads geared towards used vehicles

    I posted a lengthy post from my phone that got in short:

    I was in a family members new (used) car and there was a sat button. They seemed interested but probably didn't know how to activate it.

    Since most used car buyers are going to be under 30 (IMO) then a great place to advertise to them would be on the internet.

    A great way would be one of the ad windows on the side of any website that you can click on titled "how to activate the Satellite radio in your new (used) car".

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    agree we should look towards marketing to under 30 crowd who seems to spend money they don't have because they dont worry about $$$ with their youthful earning power.

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    I know a few people that look forward to going to work because they love the satrad in the car...we're just trying to make the world a happier place.

    Satrad will increase job growth because more people will want to get out to their cars.

    Really, Im just saying, the ads are geared toward gift giving (rightfully so at christmas) and content (again good idea) but do they explain well enough on how to call and get your new (used) car hooked up.

    Small ad buttons on websites titled "Hook up your new (used) car with Satrad"
    Could go a long way with ad dollars.

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    From my understanding, Sirius XM is starting to work with the large used car dealers ("certified preowned" dealers and places like CarMax) to start having ads and flyers to be given out with used cars sold by them.

    I think it would be a great idea for Sirius to start a program where any used car dealer can sign up (much like the Sirius online programs, where you can put Sirius links on your website and earn commission for sales through your site). The used car dealer can either activate the SatRad at the time of sale, or the used car dealer can provide the buyer with a flyer that has the dealer's vendr number or something, so that he can be identified as the dealer that encouraged the person to get SatRad.

    This would cost Sirius XM almost no money, except some administrative costs. Sirius XM can provide a month free or something like that, but the dealers actually do all the work (They apply for the program to get their vendor number, they download/print the flyers, they market the product) and in return they get a cutback if the buyer becomes a subscriber. You may find dealers actually building the price of the subscription into the price of the car, just to get the cutback. Who knows?

    Used car dealers are usually pretty slimey... They will do anything for a buck.

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    Thanks, those are good ideas. Hopefully someone is working on it.

    Anyone buy a used car recently and were informed of how to activate the radio?

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    Well,as a new car buyer I hate paying $40,000 for a car,and $2500 for a sound system option only to get 1 year of sat and then pay through the nose to listen to the half dozen stations worth listening to. When my year is up,if I can not go ala carte I will go without sat.That is one of the reasons they don't go after the used car market. I worked for about 15 used auto dealers running their websites.Only about 10% of the used cars had active sat radio.

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