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Thread: SIRI Intraday Updates for the Week of 12/01/08

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    SIRI finished at .18 in AH on a 200 share block...

    After Hours Trade Reporting

    After Hours
    Last: $ .18
    After Hours
    High: $ .2083
    After Hours
    Volume: 2,064,060
    After Hours
    Low: $ .1702

    After Hours
    Time (ET) After Hours
    Price After Hours
    Share Volume
    19:59 $ .18 200
    19:47 $ .1848 975
    19:39 $ .1848 2,000
    19:37 $ .1848 5,000
    19:28 $ .18 4,550
    19:15 $ .182 550
    19:15 $ .182 450
    19:15 $ .1801 5,000
    19:15 $ .18 5,000
    19:15 $ .18 1,000
    19:15 $ .18 4,000
    19:10 $ .185 1,500
    19:06 $ .185 10,450
    19:06 $ .185 10,000
    19:03 $ .185 9,000
    19:02 $ .184 10,000
    18:35 $ .1849 5,000
    18:33 $ .185 4,864
    18:32 $ .185 1,200
    18:31 $ .1849 3,700
    18:31 $ .185 6,300
    18:20 $ .1849 1,000
    18:12 $ .182 9,000
    18:10 $ .182 1,000
    18:08 $ .182 1,000
    18:03 $ .182 700
    18:03 $ .1849 300
    17:56 $ .18 17,612
    17:56 $ .18 2,000
    17:47 $ .18 1,000
    17:38 $ .1799 1,500
    17:38 $ .18 3,500
    17:37 $ .1799 2,000
    17:36 $ .1798 500
    17:36 $ .1799 1,500
    17:28 $ .1798 2,000
    17:19 $ .1798 2,500
    17:08 $ .1702 1,183,744
    17:01 $ .1751 5,000
    17:01 $ .175 1,300
    17:01 $ .175 8,700
    16:52 $ .1702 416
    16:46 $ .1798 2,300
    16:42 $ .1798 625
    16:41 $ .1798 550
    16:33 $ .1801 37,725
    16:33 $ .18 2,600
    16:33 $ .176 12,500
    16:33 $ .1711 22,222
    16:33 $ .171 253

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    The Motley Fool........

    5 More Ways to Play Falling Oil Prices
    By Rick Aristotle Munarriz
    December 1, 2008

    "The market has been cruel over the past six weeks. In fact, just one of the five stocks I singled out in October trades higher today. The rest have been smacked down hard with the rest of the market, with Sirius XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) sustaining the nastiest wallop. Shares of the satellite radio giant have shed nearly half their value since my mid-October article, but I'm sticking to my thesis. With gasoline now widely available for less than $2 a gallon, consumers won't have a problem spending more time on the road -- or justifying the renewal of their satellite radio subscriptions."

    On December 01, 2008, at 10:25 PM, DemianBohemian wrote:

    What was your "original thesis" that you are "sticking to"? The Motley Fool has been bashing the combined company on an almost daily basis for months. You originally recommended XM as a stand alone company to your paid subscribers at over $30 a share and have been bashing the newly merged company down in the pennies for weeks and months now....
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    Hear, hear! Sirius XM Radio finally explains changes to customers
    By Bill Burke
    Tuesday, December 2, 2008

    Since the merger of the two satellite radio companies, Sirius and XM, , subscribers have been offered new hardware options, expanded programming choices and numerous pricing options. All of which is causing more than a little confusion.

    Sirius and XM are now one company, but not the same. Listeners can get programming from both services at no extra charge - except for when they have to pay for it. And you might need a new radio to take advantage of different pricing structures. Or maybe not.

    Got it?

    Home Remodeling: Go Green without Breaking the Bank
    The Secrets to Successful eBay Selling
    Working Moms Can Win a $10,000 Scholarship
    With changes on nearly every front since the merger was finalized in late July, Sirius XM Radio, as it’s now called, has slowly reached out to customers to explain what’s been going on.

    Pricing: In October, the company announced a “best of” programming option and a la carte pricing. Sirius subscribers can pay an extra $4.04 a month, on top of the $12.95 base, for a “Best of XM” package, including Oprah and Friends, NBA and NHL games, the PGA Tour Network, the Opie and Anthony Show and XM Public Radio; XM subscribers can pay the same for a “Best of Sirius” package that includes NFL broadcasts, two Howard Stern channels, NASCAR, Playboy Radio and Martha Stewart Living Radio.

    Or you can save money with new a la carte pricing, which starts at $6.99 a month and allows subscribers to choose 50 channels - but not every Sirius channel and not Howard Stern. And beware: the radio needed for the a la carte subscription, a $130 Starmate 5, is no bargain.

    Hardware: Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin says both XM and Sirius will stay separate services for the next 15 years. But that doesn’t mean subscribers can’t get it all. The company has announced it will release a new radio in early 2009 that gets every channel offered by both services. How much will it cost? No word yet.

    Programming: On Nov. 12, Sirius XM revamped its channel lineup, giving subscribers access to certain shows from both services for no extra charge. Some similar XM and Sirius channels merged, and popular shows from each company became available to all listeners at no extra charge.

    But will the expanded number of programming streams - 134 from Sirius, some 170 from XM - attract enough new customers to make satellite radio a financial success? That remains to be seen. Sirius XM had $3.37 billion of debt outstanding as of Sept. 30, according to Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, which lowered its outlook for the company last week. Analysts cite weak retail and auto sales as factors in slower growth.

    But Karmazin remains upbeat about satellite radio’s future. Sirius XM claims it will have 19.1 million subscribers by the end of this year, and expects to add 1.5 million more by the end of 2009.

    “I know it is difficult in the economic environment that we’re in, and where our stock price is trading, to be very pleased and proud of our operating performance, but we must,” Karmazin said during a third quarter conference call with Wall Street analysts. “We believe showing double-digit growth to be very impressive, especially if you compare Sirius XM results to other media and entertainment companies.”


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    we are up big in the futures so a big rebound is coming yea!! daddy needs some rimms!!!

    anyone got crome 24 inch rimms for a 2007 hummer h2 for under 3grand..


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    Quote Originally Posted by APEXSPORTS View Post
    we are up big in the futures so a big rebound is coming yea!! daddy needs some rimms!!!

    anyone got crome 24 inch rimms for a 2007 hummer h2 for under 3grand..

    Good to know people has Hummers !!! Big money for oil companies (big bonus for me but still need the damn price of the barrel to go above $60.00 USD), yeah !!! Keep it up people, buy Ford, GM or Chrysler... And buy big, the bigger the better (And make sure they come with SIRIUS Radio !!!)...don't buy one of those damn Prius or minis (We could step on them like roaches on the road, right APEX ?)!!!
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    Im 6-5 and 300+ and I dont fit in many cars other than a truck or bigger suv.. and its a business right off... I bet oil levels off and gets support at 45-50 range before it moves up..

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    whats up fella's, I just wanted to say hi. I have been looking for a decent forum to talk with other sirius shareholders and this one looks decent. Im new to stock's so im trying to learn as much as i can, one thing i dont get since ive been using command center is why the hell some1 sells sirius at 19 cents when it hits 20 cents and seems to still have upward momentum, i must be missing something. pisses me off everytime i see that, but like i said im new to the game ;?

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    This stock has no logic and full of daily surprises so you can expect a real ride both up and down that's for sure put your seatbelt on and stay in for the long term.

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    If you are new to stocks, you will learn a lot here... and if you do not understand something, feel free to ask. As far as the stock price of Sirius, please do not get us started... =)

    Welcome to the boards. This is one of the best communities I have found in a LONG time.

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    Welcome Tripping......

    Not much news flow today, other than GS not continuing coverage of SIRI.

    Pivot Table for Today
    R2 - R1 - Pivot - S1 - S2
    0.25 0.21 0.19 0.15 0.13

    SIRI trading up, but just below the pivot.

    I hope the close isn't ugly again...

    About an hour left to go....

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