This is a letter sent to Sirius in reference to a known product issue that viewer may need to know...
Dear Sirius,
Recently my Sportster 4 stopped working correctly. After calling Sirius support I was informed that my antenna was part of a batch identified as faulty. I was given a phone number to a claims department.
At the claims department I was told that although they knew that they had sold me a faulty product that I would have to provide them a credit card in order to get a new replacement antenna. Then they tell me, in what has to be the worst replacement policy I have ever heard of that they ship a WHOLE new Sportster with all the parts to my address charging me postage. Then I'm suppose to take those parts that I need and place the damaged part back in the box. Then I have to pay postage to ship this box back to them. This is the most expensive replacement policy I can think of not to mention how unfriendly it appears to the consumer. So I asked for just the antenna and I was told they don't do individual items. I looked online to order just the antenna and they don't sell them.
I can not imagine that a company, knowing it sold its customers faulty products, would set up a return format that actually cost the consumer nearly the cost of the actual replacement through shipping costs. I can not tell you how angry this had made me. It has destroyed my relationship and confidence in a company that I have subscribed to for years. This whole event happened months ago and although I paid for a years subscription I could careless about listening to Sirius. I'd rather listen to FM radio then go through that whole hassle.
I wanted to write this blog so that those in charge know that they have lost a faithful customer and to let others know that Sirius will not support them when they have issues that mean a lot to them.
David C "