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    Exclamation Sirius Sporster4 antenna

    This is a letter sent to Sirius in reference to a known product issue that viewer may need to know...
    Dear Sirius,
    Recently my Sportster 4 stopped working correctly. After calling Sirius support I was informed that my antenna was part of a batch identified as faulty. I was given a phone number to a claims department.
    At the claims department I was told that although they knew that they had sold me a faulty product that I would have to provide them a credit card in order to get a new replacement antenna. Then they tell me, in what has to be the worst replacement policy I have ever heard of that they ship a WHOLE new Sportster with all the parts to my address charging me postage. Then I'm suppose to take those parts that I need and place the damaged part back in the box. Then I have to pay postage to ship this box back to them. This is the most expensive replacement policy I can think of not to mention how unfriendly it appears to the consumer. So I asked for just the antenna and I was told they don't do individual items. I looked online to order just the antenna and they don't sell them.
    I can not imagine that a company, knowing it sold its customers faulty products, would set up a return format that actually cost the consumer nearly the cost of the actual replacement through shipping costs. I can not tell you how angry this had made me. It has destroyed my relationship and confidence in a company that I have subscribed to for years. This whole event happened months ago and although I paid for a years subscription I could careless about listening to Sirius. I'd rather listen to FM radio then go through that whole hassle.
    I wanted to write this blog so that those in charge know that they have lost a faithful customer and to let others know that Sirius will not support them when they have issues that mean a lot to them.
    David C "

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    Unfortunate - Try This

    The story you tell is most unfortunate, and they should better handle the situation. Perhaps they will learn something from your experience. What I offer below is an explanation, not an excuse for Sirius:

    1. The components of a satellite radio come from various sources. The antenna comes from one company, the radio from another, the mounting brackets from yet another. This definitely confuses the process for the consumer, and unfortunately, Sirius did not make this any easier.

    2. Retailers and distributors often send back entire packages as faulty even though it is only a small component that is faulty. This eases their accounting, and unfortunately makes your experience more difficult.

    3. While it is discouraging, there are many companies that operate in this manner, and it is more the norm now.

    4. Find a retailer that will work with you. While they are advertisers on this site, and it may seem that I am pushing them, TSS Radio is a very good retailer to deal with. They break open separate components, and will work with you. I recommend them not because they advertise here, but because they are very consumer friendly, and a pleasure to do business with from many perspectives. In my opinion they go above and beyond what anyone else does in this business.

    5. Lastly, write a well thought out letter to Sirius. They are putting a new focus on customer service, and should respond well. Include your name, and contact information, and describe the problem, and then your frustration. It would be my hope that they will try to earn back your respect, and if they try, that you will accept that they are making such efforts. Call them and simply request a name and address that you can write to, then pen the letter.

    Please be so kind as to update this thread if you desire.
    Tyler Savery
    Satellite Standard Founder

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    I have had an issue with a product and I just asked for return postage. It is pretty standard procedure and if you ask for it they will do it, as will most companies. Sounds to me like you just cut a bad deal for yourself.

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    Im new Sirius, but I just bought the Sportster 4 and have problems as well with the antenna Im guessing. I keep losing signal, or the stations are blank displaying no info for a 5-10 minutes. Today in clear skys, I was losing signal strength.

    Is this the common problem for this model? or is it just a Sirius thing?

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    Are you using your Sportster at home or in the car?

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    Quote Originally Posted by clueless View Post
    Are you using your Sportster at home or in the car?
    in the car

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