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    My Experience with Sirius Customer Support

    Quote Originally Posted by Noob View Post
    Perhaps you can elaborate on the dramatic improvements in Customer Support? Long waits and hold times, and disgruntled employees are some of the "recent" complaints made against Sirius/XM Customer Service. Besides, who wouldnt be disgruntled once you realize that you may be fired at any moment due to the merger?
    Absolutely! During all of these years I have never dealt with CS on the phone. I simply fill out THIS FORM, provide my Account #, ESN, Phone #, Category that the issue falls under and a ton of room to write a detailed description of the issue I'm facing.

    Now bear with me because this is a bit long but it answers your question.

    Here is how I personally experienced the progression of improvement in Customer Support with Sirius using the web form:

    Back in 2005 I had to contact CS because they accidentally activated my radio on the day of purchase and not the day I opened the box and activated the radio! Meaning the day I purchased my first radio, they also started my subscription to the service even though I had not received the radio yet.

    I had to send multiple emails this account related problem and I would either get canned responses or replies that were totally off base and unhelpful. In fact, on the third email reply to me they started the email addressed to the WRONG NAME! It finally got resolved but it took a full week and about a dozen emails. As my first experience ever with CS I was very concerned and felt that I had never dealt with such poor Customer Support in my life!

    In 2006 I started reading about more bad CS experiences on various blogs and forums that were far worse then mine and I noticed that just about all of them were related to CALLING Customer Support and very few mentions of emailing them.

    In early 2007 I had to change my credit card on file and for some reason it caused problems with my account. I received an email saying my card was going to expire, even though I had updated it two weeks earlier on the website. I submitted my complaint via the form and CS was able to immediately resolve the issue in 24 hours and wrote a non-scripted reply apologizing for the problem. I was impressed and they really made me feel like a valued customer.

    In early 2007 I sent an email praising Sirius for adding the Lithium channel. I received a really nice reply and they again made me feel like a valued subscriber.

    In late 2007 I sent multiple emails to CS regarding how the merger would effect my Lifetime Subscription and Premium Internet Radio, would I have to pay more for Stern, etc.. I received some generic replies at the beginning and was not feeling really satisfied with CS.

    In December 2008 I sent an email to ask if I could redeem multiple $55 pre-paid cars to pay the monthly Premium Internet Radio fee. My concern was that some of the cards would not work before the expiration dates. CS replied in 4 hours with a very detailed response telling me that they would not in fact expire and that they would cover the cost of my monthly fee for the next 68 months (I like to avoid monthly credit card payments).

    The icing on the cake though was that the next day I received an email asking me to take a Survey regarding that CS experience and it gave me a lot of room to write a very detailed description of my experience, complaints, compliments, suggestions and feedback. This was great to see because it means that Sirius XM is paying a company to review subscribers CS experiences and then hopefully improve the services overall.

    This benefits all subscribers and if you do have to contact Customer Support and receive an email survey afterward, BE SURE TO PARTICIPATE!
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