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    Disorder 33

    Woke up Tuesday morning to find that Disorder had been a casualty of the merger. I really enjoyed Ghosty, Megless, and the other DJ's. The Sirius site says if you liked Disorder to try The Loft. I am sorry. There is no comparison. For those of us have very eclectic tastes The Loft does not cut it. It seems to be to similar to The Coffee House to me. Today, Saturday morning, and my two favorite shows are no longer there to keep me company. I really loved The Dharma Cafe and Celtic Crush with Larry Kirwan. Does anyone know what happened the these DJ's and the shows I loved so much. It really sucks.

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    I'm right there with you, Disorder was one of my favorite stations. I know Meg has moved to the Spectrum, and Vin Scelsa will still be doing his show for now on the Loft. That still doesn't help the pure eclectic music we will be missing. I am also super bummed about the loss of David Johansson's Mansion of Fun. I could always depend on hearing something completly off the wall and he's turned me on to lots of ethinic artists I just would have never heard. I'm bummed I never got any shows on tape. Needless to say we disorderlys are all in mourning and only hope if the whole satalite buisness recovers maybe in the future we will have our disorder back

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    I was looking for a Disorder forum and am glad I found it. I can't believe the station is gone. It represented what satellite radio is supposed to be about, getting to hear a wide range of stuff totally unlike any terrestial radio station. I grew to love the mix of the station and thought they were stronger than ever. I loved Celtic Crush, the Kennedy's, Bourbon Street Blues, the Mansion of fun (an aquired taste) and especially Meg's show. I called and complained and I hope it does something.
    The Loft is a poor substitute, it is very mild. I instantly feel older. Please bring Disorder back!

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    Bring back Larry Kirwan and Meg Griffin!!! the Loft is NO comparison. Where else can you hear such a variety of eclectic music??? If I wanted cookie cutter radio I would stick with terrestrial. It seems Disorder should have survived the merger as there is no replacement left on either service!

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    Thumbs up Some good news...

    I hope everyone saw that Meg Griffin will have her own show called "Disorder" weekdays Noon 6 ET, Sundays 3 6 pm ET, starting Dec 1st on "the loft" also Larry Kirwan's Celtic Crush has moved to "the Spectrum" on Sundays 9 - noon ET, starting Nov 23!

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    I really miss Disorder

    Listened to disorder 90% of the time. I wish they would bring back Rick Allison in the AM. I have my setup fixed so that Sirius is locked into my clock radio and Allison had a great AM drive show. Borboun Street Beat was an every Saturday night ritual. Even before the change I missed Delphine Blue on Sunday afternoons, Meg is OK but........

    But I really do miss Megs interviews with out of the mainstream artist when they've released new music. Several that were really great were the interview with Patti Smith (what's going to happen on New Years Eve?), John Cafferty, and Allison Krause & Robert Plant. How can "the loft" ever think to replace that kind of programming?

    David Jo's Mansion played alot of music that no one else would ever play on the radio and an incredible mix that would play grand opera followed by something like Mississippi John Hurt. Though he could get a bit repeditive it was a chance to hear music that I don't own or ofter hear.

    I really miss the Kennedys. Before Dave Marsh took over the 10 AM Sunday time slot I would get up and turn on the Kennedys where I could hear things like readings from Jack Kerouc. Where the hell are you going to hear that on the radio.

    The loss of Michael Tiersons (SP?) Bob Dylan Radio Hour is also a tremendous loss.

    The Loft doesn't even come close. I can't listen for more than two minutes. It's like a train wreck between the coffee house and some ultra mellow clasic rock station with the worst surviving.

    I am holding out hope that some of that greatness will return someday. Also that Vin Scelsas miniscule contributions be moved to a more accessible (for those whos jobs prevent us from listening) time slot, even if in replay.

    Ive gone back to AM radio to a station that broadcasts Progressive talk. Sirius Left duplicates that programming but the broadcast lineup is superior to

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