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Thread: Signal Quality!

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    Signal Quality!

    I appears to me that the signal quality of the Music Channels on Sirius XM has diminished. I wonder what the Bit Rate of the channels are, especially the Jazz Channel. Does anyone know what relationship Bit Rate has to signal quality?

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    I disagree.

    I see the sound quality and music experience better since merger and merged channel lineup.

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    When you say signal quality are you referring to the signal your receiver gets? I don't think the two are related, this is not terrestrial radio, you do not get a less quality sound if your signal strength is too low to get a signal... you get no sound at all.

    I could be wrong here but I think it's just like an internet radio stream, where you get all or nothing. Internet streams never get a static loss kind of sound, they just go dead if there is a bandwidth issue.

    All of that being said, I think the bit rate is the same as it ever was. No better, no worse. Which I think should make sense because nothing has changed to warrent the quality to change in one way or the other.
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