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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusOwner
    My strategy is to HOLD right now and wait for the stockholders meeting, if I do not like what I hear or the future seems foggy I may keep holding until next earnings announcement. If at the earnings announcement, things have improved, then I will start adding ONLY if the price is right and the trend is up. Otherwise, I may close the position or keep holding.
    This is my position right now as well.

    Another key thing: This thing could go down before it goes up, and it could go BK before it does anything else. I am not saying that it will, but Sirius XM is a speculative stock and it is a very real possibility. Never invest anything other than speculative funds into a stock like this. Don't buy on margin, and do not "put all of your eggs in one basket" either.

    As negative as SiriusOwner may sound, he also injects a dose of reality into the situation.

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    My perception of reality is be very careful with this as a investment or even a fast trade. I took my money out of the broadcasting sector and satrad back in calendar year 2006 at a fair profit.

    was planning to begin looking deeper at the sector in general in 2009 for any issues which may be worth some risk money.

    I would most certainly wait for the shareholders meeting and the next earnings report prior to any investment now could be lost to the reverse split and or other outside economic issues in the near term.

    I do think the satellite radio based content distribution platform and model will continue going forward,but still expect greater pain to come to shareholders within the nearterm.

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