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Thread: The perception of reality

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    The perception of reality

    I know everyone is waiting for the refinace to get announced, I even got caught in that game. The truth is that facts will not make you money.

    Have you ever wondered why one stock drops in the face of positive news, while another rises on the heels of what appears to be damaging news ?

    How often have you scratched your head in absolute astonishment, trying desperately to understand why the market seems, at times, to totally defy the facts and/or logic.

    Well, the truth of the matter is that reality does not matter in the investment world. It is the PERCEPTION of reality that is important.

    If you as an investor believe that the market responds to what is real, you are mistaken.

    The truth is that stocks rise and fall based on BELIEF not facts.

    There will be times when the truth (facts) and the perception of the investors will be identical, perfectly in sync. There will be other times when the truth and the perception of it will be completely opposed or out of sync.

    One can certainly argue that the perception and the reality cannot stay out of sync forever, and that what is real will ultimately prevail. But who has forever ?

    Do you all think SIRI stock is in sync with the truth ? or out of sync ?

    Think about it.
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