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Thread: What did they do to my Lithium?

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    What did they do to my Lithium?

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    Hang tight

    the crossover of music library's will happen. Give it time and you will get what you want. In the meantime, switch to Xanax!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosy621 View Post
    Okay, I know they could've played Alice in Chains a little bit less. But OH MY GOD. Moby? Coldplay? Matthew Sweet? Morrissey??? Songs that aren't from the 90's? I am not happy with the changes. Lithium might lose the #1 slot on my presets.
    Nothing wrong with any of those bands. The only thing that pisses me off was ever since XM's shit started getting thrown in with Lithium there are alot more edited songs. Stupid XM!

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