When they announced the Best of XM package I signed up for it immediately. It took about 2 days for it to show up via satellite on my Stiletto 100.

Several months later and it's still missing from the internet radio side. Not via a browser, not via the Stiletto's wi-fi, not by 3rd party players like StarPlayr.

I've called Sirius customer support about this three times and they are clueless, saying the system should update itself. The closest I can get is that the channel guide list has little "play" icons but all of the XM stuff just highlights the playback window and does nothing.

I saw some posts on siriusbackstage.com (what happened to them, anyway? Are they down?) asking the same thing. It looks like premium internet subscribers cannot get the XM channels and they're only available to the standard "free" users, WTF is that?

I'd just like to have the same channels available over the internet. Any ideas what is going on?