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Thread: SIRI closed at 20 cents today......your thoughts?

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    Question Wishes ?

    [QUOTE=Newman;6595]The fact of the matter remains that a company has to exhaust all sources of financing in order to delare bankruptcy. That means exhausting their cash supply. This means that there is no way for the comapny to claim BK until after february.

    These are all wishes. The truth is that everyone is scared and confused

    A little bit more of that and you all be thinking " what happened?"

    The stock is not going anywhere near .31 in the near future (before any refinancing announcement). ONLY if the debt is refinanced and ONLY then, it will probably leap but then it will fizzle.

    If you are in this for the long term, 5 -6 years, just hope the company does not declare BK. You may be able to get back to break even after a year or so, if you just recently bought the stock, let say below $1.00 USD.

    If you are in for the short term, months, then you are stuck, unless you are prepared to take some hefty losses.

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