As a comsumer I really injoyed my XM. I equiped all my cars. I even had it in my house. I found myself from time to time in a car without it and can say I missed not having the service in that car. I live in the Los Angeles area and found the service usefull, I thought if I lived in a rural area I would love this service even more. I looked at the pricing and compaired it to the value. I liked the idea of these two companies comming together ,and came to the conclution it would be a good investment to buy stock in this company.

Not being a trader I did a quick study and opened a Ameritrade account. I bought about 20K in stock. I can tell you this it has been a real eye opener. I am surprised that a industry has allowed itself to regress to a organzition with little to no morals. There is nothing these people will not do to make a buck. The news today Marc Cuban insider trading. Hell just how much money is too much. just how many little people do these types need to step to get what ? most have eveything could ever need. I may not be a large man when it comes to business accomplishment, but I can look anyone I have delt with in the eye. The stock market is the way it is today because of guys like me . The money we invest in small amounts means little, however when you add up all these small accounts it makes the stock market move forward. I have lost trust in not just this stock ( I know something is going on) but in the market in general. Last week I was in Vages. I was playing Craps. I thought to myself I would of been better off taking my 20K to a casino crap game then trusting the likes of Sirrus and the people involved in the management of this company.