Sirius needs to know about diversity, they need to see the truly widespread face of the community they've been pissin' off ever since this merger.

And so, I figured I should send them something a little bit more inclined to my own views and methods of communication, to contrast all of your sissy civilized stuff, just to let at least one email answering roboprogram know that they pissed off ALL of us, and not just the calm ones.

And if nothing else, hopefully I'm helping annoy them.

"Yeah, so, I used to be a subscriber to Sirius, until you guys cancelled a bunch of stations. What was the drive behind doing that? I'd sort of like to know, because, I mean, you made me cancel, and I'm sure other people have cancelled too... what happened to Punk? Backspin? Boombox? How about Beyond Jazz on XM? How about, I dunno... NEXT TO EVERYTHING I LISTENED TO AT ALL?

You guys ****ED up, seriously, and I hope everyone cancels like me.

Oh, and if I see Punk and Boombox back on the air, I'll DEFINITELY resubscribe... so hopefully the carrot bait of a bit of regained profit being dangled in front of your debt-ridden eyes may cause you to do something the customers would be happy about for once."