About three weeks ago I bought a Sirius Stratus SV3 receiver of of e-Bay, advertised as new. It didn't come in a box or anything, just the unit. Later, I purchased the Cigarette lighter power adapter. The power cord works. It's light illuminates and I meassured that I'm getting 5VDC from it. I plug it into the Receiver and depress the receivers on/off switch. The display doesn't do anything. I don't have an antenna but shouldn't the display at least illuminate and maybe give me an error message about not having an antenna or something. The receiver doesn't have to be in a docking station for it to work, does it. BTW, I bought it from Sattelite_Radio_Specialists and they have, like 9500 feedbacks - all 100% positive, so I feel I purchased it from a reputable dealer.
Any clues what could be wrong?