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Thread: Mel,works for shareholders! cancles christmas tree

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    Mel,works for shareholders! cancles christmas Party

    Oh my god, just whats needed! to help boost the morale of the staff that remains on board. but would this not still be a mixed message?

    maybe more double talk from the master? sure take and extra day off it don't cost us anything its the shareholders that will be forced to suck it up!

    as reported by Tom Taylor

    Mel says – no Christmas party at Sirius XM, but you can take off December 26.

    The CEO’s email to staffers says that given the “very difficult environment” for all companies, “satellite radio sales not growing as we would like”, the current layoffs (“eliminating many duplicate positions”) and the stock price – “I have decided that hosting the annual holiday parties this year would send a contradictory message.” He knows it’s disappointing – “if ever there was a time that I would like to celebrate and thank everyone for a great job, it would be this year.” But there is a Christmas, after all (just not a party) – “In addition to having Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as holidays, we will also have the day after Christmas this year, so that you can spend more time with your friends and family.” His final sentence – “I am very confident that not only will our company be successful, but also [that] we will be very successful.”
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