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Thread: SIRI Intraday Updates for the Week of 11/17/08

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demian View Post
    Pivot Table for Today
    R2 - R1 - Pivot - S1 - S2
    0.25 0.22 0.21 0.18 0.17
    SIRI has crawled it's way back to S1...

    I'm maintaining my earlier prediction that SIRI closes green today...

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    Wow there is no way anyone is thinking we are gonna be green today..

    everyone relax.. when congress votes on gm bailout and it will pass we will pop back up to .25 level or more ..

    we are trading with gm/f so untill we get answers we have the thumb on us..but like cramer say ..goverment is of buy and for the buisness..

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    I guess I was crazy for thinking SIRI could close green today.....

    SIRI closed @ .162 on volume of 65.8 million shares...

    There was a final trade that crossed at 16:00:14 for 1,723,861 shares that brought it from .174 to .162.........

    The DOW closed down 427

    This sucks.......
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    Dow to 6400

    Check this out:

    We will have the bounce, as APEX mentioned, just to go lower. Not only Sirius but the market as a whole.

    None of the DOW 30 closed in the green and they are the iconic companies:

    Unfortunately for me OIL closed below $54.00:

    Here's the analyst predicting the DOW will hit 6400:

    Personally I think we will rebound. There's support @ 8000 points but supports can be broken.
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    at least we're not here, yet...}&dist=msr_1

    Good to know traditional radio is even worse off, anyway.

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    I took a walk through BEST BUY this afternoon.

    I was happy with what I saw. Nice display with all products. It's not in front or anything but it's definitely a section devoted to SATRAD.

    The displays were all brand new and carried the SIRIUS XM theme.

    Something I also noticed were all of the new brochures. They all had the NEW channel line ups. I take that as one small sign that they are carrying out a schedule. They've obviously known for a while what those line ups would be.

    Another important point worth noting, the BEST BUY kid knew his shit.. I asked questions as if I didn't know anything and he was on it.

    And last, I was surprised to see that EVERY in dash stereo for sale had either a sirius or XM logo on the face......AND,,,,all of the higher end home stereo receivers had those same logo's on their face........

    February has always been the time I was looking for. I think the retail number will surprise us in Q4 report, the debt will somehow be cleared up, B of B revenue will be announced for the first time...........and btw, we all say CRAMER was right after all,,,,I specifically remember him saying "wait until February" during the lottery ticket show....was that a hint??

    The problem is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,will we common folk make it to February......

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    Quote Originally Posted by SD-08 View Post

    The problem is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,will we common folk make it to February......
    That is the 16.2 cent question...

    Your Best Buy sounds a lot better than the one I perused last week. Of course that was prior to the new channel lineups. Maybe I'll check in again this week.

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    ha ha ha ha ha !

    buy buy buy buy buy buy buy!!!! wooooooooo huuuuuuuuu !!! the stocks are finally cookies , eat em up everybody ! just like the cookie monster !!!!! ..............or wait for the company to go bankrupt and lose everything. well , i still have my xbox and halo3.

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    the fed claims this global mess will continue till at least the 3rdq of 09 prior to turning,for America. I suspect they are wrong and they change the forecast shortly.

    i just see more pain for the stock holders.Our government knew without doubt this was coming and was driven by oil when oil began its rise and Mr bush then went on record "soft selling," the pain to come for the American economy and people. and we could afford a hundred dollars a barrel oil was a major mistake imho.

    they had the available data and all historical insight,which clearly painted a bad picture for the effects on the working class and American economy.They just forgot to tell us honestly of what most likely would develop and how far we were already into the process then. and what further pain to expect.

    the only thing which will save Sirius is the relationships made and built by management with banking/street, if they have any real business friends that honestly don't want to snatch the company from out of current managements hands.

    I'm sure at least one of the old broadcasters would love to control the system platform for use as a national broadcast system which could include local content when controlled by them.

    I would also think car sales in the fourth quarter really plunge.

    as more information slowly comes out of Washington and explains its going to be a longer path to correcting the economy more hope is lost, generating more downward pressure.

    and Internet radio in the dash is getting closer every day.

    I said early in 2004 Sirius and xm should have embraced each other then in all operational areas they could, to share as many cost burdens across the board.then honestly took the battle to old broadcasters.

    which i think would have been ok within the framework of the fcc license for satellite radio. as long as they could show it was a benefit to the public and company if any questions surfaced do to the combined efforts.

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    Nov. 19, 2008 Market Close: $ 0.162

    After Hours Trade Reporting

    After Hours
    Last: $ .17
    After Hours
    High: $ .18
    After Hours
    Volume: 968,104
    After Hours
    Low: $ .16

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