I got off the phone tonight with a customer care agent and complained, AGAIN, about the line-up changes.I told him I'm one more Brittany Spears song away on channel 39 from emailing Mel Karmizan. He gathered all my info and when I asked about it said he compiling a HUGE list every day of dissatisfied customers and sending it to the VP of Customer Care.

The Customer Care guy tells me they've been swamped with emails and calls about the channel change and that most of the messages have been "dissatisfied". Well, no shit! Talk about an understatement!!

Anyhow, long story short, the CSR tells me he's gotten several emails in the past day to "restress to subscribers Sirius XM is taking all the complaints seriously" and starting in December Sirius XM will reverse the changes and return the channel line up. I asked him if he was shitting me and he said "No. I'm a Boombox fan myself!" We're stuck with the line-up for this month but next month it'll be back to normal!

Here's hoping it's all true! I don't think Sirius XM can afford to loose any more money this Christmas season with their shares at $.27, internet radio devices for $25, and MP3 players being super cheap. Mel's looking at nearly $5 billion he has to repay and it'll never happen by losing his old paying customers.