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Thread: How about a Hard Rock Cafe Channel???

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    How about a Hard Rock Cafe Channel???

    I was sitting in the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta this weekend and thinking... How cool would it be if Sirius contracted with HRC to start a channel that played the same music they play in their restaurants and called it the Hard Rock Cafe Channel??

    The cool thing about HRC programming is it is a wider range and variety of a lot of rock genres.

    Sirius genres fall into specific compartments. Heavy (Octane/Buzzsaw/Hard Attack/ etc.), Classic (spectrum/vault/classic rewind), the Alternative channels (Alt Nation, Faction, etc.) and edgier mainstream pop (Sirius Hits 1, Pulse, etc.)

    How about a channel that played all the best of all these genres from all rock years? Instead of reinventing the wheel, the HRC already has the programming streaming to their cafes... Sirius could sign the deal and just plug in...

    I wouldn't change the channel and I think it would be a great partnership because each would be indirectly advertising for the other.

    What do you think?

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    Sirius is more into niche programming. I am like you and I listen to all kinds of rock, which means that I just flip through the rock channels until I find a song that I like. I am not really against it. A "best of" channel is a lot like free radio in that it just kills good songs by overplaying them.

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    Sirius Shuffle is alot like that, playing the best of several channels.

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    Hard Rock

    I enjoy the Hard Rock Cafe's, but would only want a Hard Rock channel if there was very minimal cost associated. If Hard rock wanted brand exposure, and Sirius can facilitate that with a channel, it could be cool. However, I would not spend big bucks on it if I were Sirius. The music is the music, and that means fees to RIAA, etc. Hard Rock would simply be a brand extension for both Sirius and HardRock.
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    I am not sure I would listen to this one much being an older guy BUT I like CrackedConch's idea.

    Branded and sponsored channel by HRC. Their music and only their commercials and announcements.

    If Hooters can try branding an airline(complete farce) HRC could surely benefit from this. It would be a captive audience in the restaurants/hotels for cross promotion along with what I would think a channel which would attract a substantial following.

    Branded radio is the wave of the future as pay per click has revolutionized internet ads.

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