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Thread: Why is there a commercial between every song?

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    Why is there a commercial between every song?

    Why is there a commercial between every song?

    I have been a subscriber to both XM and Sirius for many years. I haven't listened to the music channels on Sirius for years though - because after listening to both for awhile, I found out pretty quickly that I preferred the deeper playlists and programming philosophy of XM by far. I had Sirius for a couple months before I got XM, so I did give SIRIUS a couple months of solid listening before trying XM. I listen to modern jazz most of the time and after Sirius cancelled their modern jazz channel (Planet Jazz), my only option for that was XM's Beyond Jazz. I used the Sirius sub for listening to talk programing only from then on. Unfortunately for me, XM just cancelled my favorite channel Beyond Jazz with the new channel lineup - which leaves me with no option for modern jazz on either Sirius or XM now...

    I was left to explore the new lineup after they pulled the plug on Beyond Jazz, so I tuned into the new 70's on 7 channel on my XM INNO. It's totally different now and not for the better! I liked listening to the '70's channel on XM, because they would play a lot of songs I hadn't heard in years. Songs that were popular back then, but haven't been overplayed like "Hotel California", "Margaritaville", and "More Than a Feeling" etc.. I listened for a few hours and every single song was a song I have heard over and over a million times! Where is the variety? Where is the music discovery? How about all of the great songs that didn't make the top 10 back then? How about all of the great songs that did make the top 10, but never get played? How can there be music discovery if they only play the overplayed hits? When I listen to the '70's channel, I want to be taken back in a time machine to the '70's! I want to hear all of the music that was being played back then - not just the small playlist of 70's hit music that has been overplayed since then...

    Anyway, this is even worse.....

    There is ****ing commercial between every single song!

    There is an annoying little commercial jingle between every single song that tells me that I am listening to the '70's on 7" on "Sirius/XM radio". It is so annoying and it kills the flow! XM's breaks were less often and more classy with the familiar XM tone riff, or Scott Walterman's short "history today" segments. Why are they advertising to me between every single song when I am already a paying customer? I'm supposedly paying for a "commercial free" music service - why is there a commercial between every ****ing song?

    I am listening right now and they just told me that I am listening to "cool music" on "the '70's on 7" on "Sirius/XM radio!" Don't waste my time telling me that I'm listening to "cool music" - PLAY IT and let me be the judge if it's "cool" or not! It's insulting to me really - just like on terrestrial radio when they say things like "more music" or "the most music" or "the best music" etc. I'm paying for radio to get away from that crap - why am I still getting it? This is BS!

    Why do they have to keep reminding me between every single song that I am listening to the 70's on 7 on Sirius/XM radio?

    #1 - I know that I am listening to either Sirius or XM radio (they can't tell me specifically which one, but I know), because I bought the radio and I am reminded every single month on my credit card statement when I see the charge for the service. I also remember because you have been reminding me every 3 minutes for the last 2 hours!

    #2 - I know that I am listening to the '70's on 7, because I tuned to it. I read the owners manual and I know how to operate the radio (I actually figured out how to tune to a channel before I read the manual).

    #3 - There is a big display on the front of the radio that tells me what channel I am tuned to. In case I forget, over that 3-4 minute period while the song is playing until you tell me again, I can always glance at the display on the radio if need be...

    #4 - Even if I did have a short term memory problem and I was blind, I could probably tell what channel I was tuned to by what music was playing.

    #5 - Are they hoping that I will become a more loyal listener and subscriber if they keep drilling "70's on 7" and "Sirius/XM radio" into my head over and over? If that is their hope, IT'S HAVING THE OPPOSITE EFFECT! It makes me want to cancel and go to Slacker. I would pay extra to get rid of the commercial jingles...

    #6 - If they are compelled to remind me every 3-4 minutes that I am listening to the 70's on 7 on Sirius XM radio, why do they tell me with an annoying jingle with laser gun sounds in it? Why not have a real live DJ tell me? Better yet, why not have a real DJ give me some trivia about the song instead?

    #7 - I feel that I am being advertised to even more than on terrestrial radio! Sure my local terrestrial station has commercial breaks, but then they get back to the music and go straight from one song to another. They don't break for a commercial between every song - and the commercials are at least different. Now I am hearing the same couple annoying commercial jingles they have every 3-4 minutes...

    I am sickened by the loss of the XM programming philosophy......the service is truly getting dumbed down.
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