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    Does anyone have any information why channel 40 (Hip-Hop Nation) only plays the edited versions of songs now?

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    Please tell me thats not true! Censorship makes Hip Hop totally worthless! might as well make it all instrumental.

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    I didn't even wait for confirmation I emailed customer care to increase the uncensored rap stations and that I won't subscribe if there is reduced uncensored rap station options.

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    Censored? Maybe not!

    I was ok with the channel lineup changes until I read this post today concerning censoring Hip Hop Nation. After I read this I was pissed.

    On my way home from work, I thought I'd listen in and see if this was true. Well, the first song I heard had the "N" word blipped out & I thought this can't be happening.

    However, the next song by Jay-Z made me feel much better. It was unedited and contained all of the dirty words that would get a kids mouth washed out with soap.

    Didn't XM have a censored rap channel???? Could this be the merging of the XM & Sirius playlists? Hopefully, everything can be worked out and we can hear every song the way the artist intended.


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    Not sure what to make of this. I just posted in the general Sirius forum that I heard Biggy's juicy censored. Now, they played some new track from Eminem and it wasn't censored at all. Also, Did anyone notice that Hip Hop Nation sounds more like Hot Jamz (Originally channel 50)?

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    Im going to cross my fingers and hope your right, Im listening to Hip Hop Nation right now and haven't heard any censoring because the songs don't have anything to censor, which coincides with the email I received from them...

    Here is the response for my complaint about Hip Hop Nation being censored:

    Thank you for your email regarding Hip Hop Nation being censored. We
    are here to assist!

    We appreciate your comments regarding a few songs that we air, which
    have been edited by record companies and artists. We apologize for any
    At SIRIUS, our goal is to make the listening experience enjoyable to all
    of our many and diverse subscribers. We strive to deliver an
    entertaining mix of both family-friendly and adult programming. To that
    end, we occasionally air versions of certain songs edited for family

    This practice only affects select music channels and a relatively small
    number of songs in our vast library. The majority of our music channels
    remain completely unedited. We are committed to delivering the best
    music possible to every subscriber. We hope that it will not impact
    your SIRIUS listening experience in any way.

    Thanks again for your feedback. Your suggestion is being forwarded to
    our programming department for further consideration. If you have any
    more suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact SIRIUS
    Customer Care. For your convenience, we are available 7 days a week at:

    1-888-539-SIRIUS (7474)

    As well as by email at:

    All I can say is let your voice be heard...and check the dial and program times. Each station has a website and email, email the DJ, Call the DJ...tell them what you expect.

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