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Newman/SXMInvestor- I fully understand where you are coming from and thank you for your advice. I am a subscriber and investor as well.

With no hesistance, I can say that my investment dollars mean a HELL of a lot more to me than the service at this junction. My statement above was meant to relax folks who have a sort of sticker shock about the new channels and selections.

As I mentioned in earlier blogs.....I do know a bit about SIRI/XM in a way that a lot of folks on this forum do not and be certain that they took great consideration in the channel changes they made, are ready for the customer concerns which will arise and are willing to work as hard as they can to make things right for both the investor and the subscriber. They are also fully cognizant of the fact that the investor and subscriber are usually one in the same.

It's just inititial shock folks.....everyone will find what they want in time.

I'm really liking POP2K and starting to get past it already, but hope they bring back my old skool stations Strobe & Backspin. It looks like to me that they were trying to be fair to both services, but some of the XM stations are just not interchangeable and others might be better. Not sure what metric they used to make the decisions.