And it is a good one. 128kbps via wifi.

SIRIUS Stiletto 100/10 v1.1 Software Updates

If you subscribe to Premium SIRIUS Internet Radio, your stiletto 100 will now receive
the full 128KBS streams offering near CD audio quality (SL100 only).
For a low subscriber only price, you can upgrade to Premium SIRIUS Internet Radio
and experience sound quality like you’ve never heard before! Learn More.

Quicker system performance allows you to access the music and talk you want faster.

Long program descriptions (title/artist information) now scrolls across your screen, so
you can easily see everything you want to know about what’s playing now.

The “All Channels” list now wraps to the beginning of the list so you never have to
scroll backwards after reaching the end of the list.

“Radio Replays” now shows you the total length of time available for each channel in
your list.

Now you’ll always know when your favorite sports teams are playing with continuous
Sports Ticker updates in the “Now Playing” screen.

With a push of the “Synch” button on your home dock, you now control when want
your Stiletto to connect to your PC, instead of automatically starting every time.

You can be sure that your Stiletto is shutting down now that a “Shutting Down”
message appears every time.

You can now disable the automatic 4-hour shut-down feature in a car-dock with our
new menu option.

You’ll never have to guess if your Stiletto is locked now that new lock icon will appear
to remind you when the keypad lock is engaged

SIRIUS Internet Radio channels can be accessed using the same preset buttons used
to select Satellite channels (SL100 only).

Instructions here: