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    Killing the music

    Today is the day my love for Sirius ended.*

    Recently you've received email from me pleading to have PUNK 29 return to the air. In fact, I was told by Sirius in email, that the AC/DC channel on 29 was only a temporary move and that in January, PUNK 29 and it's programming would return to the air.*

    And after I found out about the PUNK 29 changes I vowed to cancel my subscription(s) if they ever take away BACKSPIN 43.*

    This morning I lost BACKSPIN 43.

    You are doing your subscribers a huge disservice by eliminating an entire era or "classic" music. During the late '70s and early '80s both PUNK and OLD SCHOOL RAP were an underground movement that people around the world embraced. If you grew up during this time these two music genre shaped a way of life. Hard to find mix tapes and do-it-yourself record releases were an exciting part of this movement. Block parties on the East, and basement shows and independent tours in the back of a van to the West - MADE the culture during this time.

    There is a music history lesson here that is being overlooked by your programmers. Old school rap and the music celebrated on BACKSPIN 43, and the live DJ personalities on the channel are iconic in their contribution to this history. These people (Kurtis Blow, Dana Dane, Lady B, Awesome 2, DJ Red Alert, and everyone else on BACKSPIN 43) invented the music we hear over the airways today. They invented today's popular music and created a style that influences everything in popular culture today. And for those of us who grew up during this period of musical pioneer - we LOVE having this connection to our own roots, and the roots all of the music we hear today.

    Punk rock music for years was looked down by the establishment. Truly and underground movement, many of the early punkers had to D.I.Y. They did everything themselves. Produced music, prepared shows and national tours, put recordings onto records and hand delivered them to record stores across the country. These early Pioneers put their hearts and souls into their music. Punk is something you live and love. These artists lay the groundwork for an explosion of New Punk bands in the late '90s and '00s, and a style and movement that is growing in our current popular culture. And this history, while once celebrated as finally finding a home in current times, is now SADLY being displaced by your programmers at Sirius, by canceling PUNK 29.

    You are doing your customers and subscribers a disservice by eliminating this connection to a musical era that is so important to music. Almost without a care your programming department has stood high above us all, and looked down upon these pioneers once again. Pushing rap and punk rock back under the rug, where for years they were kept down and walked on by popular culture. Today, Sirius stepped on them once again.

    With more than 10 channels dedicated to classic rock, and 6 more country music - it is a shame that we are losing the only 2 channels that celebrate music history and an inspiring era of HIP HOP and PUNK. With more than 200 channels available - there MUST be a home for PUNK 29 and BACKSPIN 43.

    Of course I originally subscribed to the service for Howard Stern, and I've come to love Bubba the Love Sponge and Ferrall. At the same time, I found the music channels to fill that missing part of musical history that is mentioned above. I exclusively listen to PUNK 29 and BACKSPIN 43 for music on your service. And while the talk shows fill a few hours during the day, the music is (WAS) enjoyed for hours every night and all weekend. A one hour old-school show on ch. 40, and one hour with Marky Ramone on ch. 28 - WILL NOT SUFFICE!

    This is my official plea - you MUST bring back PUNK 29 and BACKSPIN 43. Please let the voice of one subscriber (with three radios) speak for the many who've enjoyed this programming. I pay hundreds of dollars per year to enjoy this programming and my opinion needs to count.

    Find a home for these musical pioneers, or lose a Sirius fan for life!

    John Wohlfeil
    Orange, CA

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    Backspin 43 was one of my daily stations in the Electronic/Rap sections. It was the only hip-hop station I listened to.

    Along with these, I lost:

    Strobe and Boombox

    The Beat replaced by the horrendous XM BMP station.

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    It is a sad sad day...

    Backspin was the ultimate outlet for true hip hop music, unlike the crap on MTV and the FM airwaves of the last ~15 years. In my teens I listened mostly to classic and 90s rock, and was always disgusted with gangsta and 'modern' rap. It wasn't until 3 years ago when I became a SIRIUS subscriber that my mind was opened to the purity of old school hip hop -- Eric B & Rakim, EPMD, Pharcyde, Tribe, Biz Markie, Run DMC -- I could go on and on...

    Exposure to niche, cultured music like backspin tears down stereotypes and fosters tolerance in those who would otherwise have no way of hearing the lyrics and beats of truly talented individuals.

    Now, I'm willing to give the so called substitute channel 'Hip-Hop Nation' a chance...but I can't help that the old school rhythms that stimulate my mind will be diluted with payola crap from whoever the 'new rapper of the week' is..

    I am a white male in my late 20s.

    Media conglomeration = society's loss

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    I feel the same way you guys do, just hope more people are vocal about it. Also, did you notice that they have castrated "Hot Jams"? All music is now edited. If I wanted that, I would stick with the HD radio channels offered by my "Z" station!

    A Travesty!

    I am seriously considering cancelling my scrip.


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    Please email them your concerns but be very specific about the artists and exactly why the new channel doesn't meet your needs.

    I listen to Rap, not hip hop, I explained to them the difference and they replied what I felt meant they listened.

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    I am also disappointed about the new channel listings. My favorite channel, BoomBox, was dropped this morning. Sirius recommended AltNation for its replacement. Are you Serious Sirius? How do you suggest these two channel had any similarities to each other?

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