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Thread: Please help save Boombox!

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    Since Sirius has gotten rid of Backspin and Boombox I've looked for alternatives....

    Pandora is blowing me away. I typed in DJ ICEY and getting to hear tons of sick breakbeat music. Give it a shot! If you dont like the song you can just fast forward to the next one!

    Now If only I could get this in my car.

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    add me to the list as someone who's really pissed off about this.

    so here's what i wrote in an email to customer serv.


    I'm very pissed off that you decided to cancel Boombox 39.
    I tuned to that channel at least 80% of the time I had Sirius on.
    In fact, I'd like to punch whoever suggested Alt Nation as a suitable replacement for Boombox, in the nuts.
    Clearly this person has never listened to, or compared the programming on both channels.
    Boombox was an awesome channel. One that was very well programmed with unique music that is hard to find elsewhere.
    Alt Nation is just another bland alternative rock station, the kind that are a dime a dozen.

    If I wanna hear top 40 pop, classic rock, alt rock, or rap I can just listen to pretty much any other radio station in the world.....

    Sirius alone probably has at least 30 stations dedicated to those formats already, so why do you really need another one?
    In fact, I now have no reason to continue subscribing to Sirius once my year of free programming expires (I bought a new vehicle in may)
    Don't bother sending me a subscription renewal offer when the time comes, because it's going straight into the trash.

    in seething disgust,



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    I emailed the director of music programming at sirius and got a form-letter style response. He said boombox was "a fan of the channel". Somehow I don't buy it.

    I took this step further and sent emails to all the DJ's and hosts on Alt-Nation.
    I got two responses. One guy basically said "I dunno but that station kicked @ss! Check with Regan" Another said "I think we're working on it. Be patient." I guess that could be a glimmer of hope.

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    So thankful for this forum!

    Not to be overly dramatic, but I have felt totally alone for the past week in my petitions to Sirius to come to their senses and bring back Boombox. I too have emailed customer service and received their lame replies. Boombox was undeniably fatastic, and I really don't know where to turn for the music I heard there. I also sent a letter to their NY office, but I doubt it will make a lot of difference. I do think the idea of getting a lot of names on a petition could make a difference though - where do I sign?

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    Trying to figure how to sign the petition you referred to - where is it?

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    I really don't have a lot of faith in online petitions. I think emailing your favorite DJ or host could go much further. Maybe they can pull some strings. Maybe if we could turn Howard Stern onto breakbeat music.... Then he could say "Bring back Boombox 39 or I'll discuss horticulture for an entire month!" I bet Sirius would cave.
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    Sirius response to my letter...

    Anyone else receive a letter like this?


    Thanks for the e-mail.

    I appreciate hearing your thoughts on BOOMBOX. Like you, I was a fan of
    the channel. The challenge for us has always been that there is limited
    room on the network and we had to make some difficult decisions with the
    merging of the content from SIRIUS and XM. Please check out ALT NATION,
    which features a weekend electro-beats show that plays the kind of music
    you heard on BOOMBOX.

    Merging the two sets of music channels was a very difficult task, since
    so many people were passionate about each service and what they have
    been listening to for years. We did our best, based on customer surveys
    from both companies, to keep the channels that reached the most
    listeners and performed the best in overall satisfaction. And, in some
    cases, we actually blended the two channels combining the best
    personalities from SIRIUS and XM to create a new combined channel.

    Of course, we did have to say goodbye to a few formats to make room for
    new ones. The best way to see what your choices are now is to go to or and download the new channel line-up.
    There are many new choices that you now have access to for no additional
    subscription fees. Please take the time to scroll through the dial and
    see what’s on. You find something you missed or something brand new that
    may become a favorite.

    Thanks again for writing. I know change is tough and hopefully, you’ll
    still see the value in our service to continue as a subscriber.

    Best regards,
    Jon Zellner
    SVP Music Programming
    Sirius XM Radio


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    I am personally surprised at how many people here took the time to complain about this one channel. I feel for you guys and I only hope that Sirius XM might see just how many people are mad about this change. As we know, quite a few channels are now gone but no one has been as vocal as you Boombox fans.
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    Here's a fun little email that got sent to me from the Director of Entertainment after I email Mel Karmazin.

    Dear James,

    Thanks for writing about Kids Stuff. I’m the head of programming for our entertainment channels, so I am reading emails pertaining to our kids programming personally and considering the points for future decisions. (I have made sure your note has also been sent to the head of Music regarding Boombox).

    I hope that you and your family come to like Kids Place Live. It’s a different approach than Kids Stuff – the music is more diverse and lively, and the station is hosted. It’s been hugely successful on XM for years, with the hosts winning awards and bringing a lot of smiles to hundreds of thousands of regular kid listeners, and it seems to be catching on really fast with Sirius listeners, who in large numbers are calling in to the hosts to request songs or characters or to hear their kid on the air. But it’s not non-stop music, and it is not what everyone can agree on as the best approach for their kids (which is, of course, the case with any station).

    I appreciate you taking the time to share your comments. I hope that you and your family stick with Sirius and find other things that entertain and fulfill you within our lineup.

    All the best,

    Jeremy Coleman

    Jeremy Coleman

    SVP, Talk and Entertainment

    SIRIUS XM Radio

    1221 Avenue of the Americas

    New York, NY 10020


    From: James [mailto:]

    Sent: Sun 11/16/2008 12:39 AM

    To: Karmazin, Mel

    Subject: Sirius Channel Lineup Changes

    Dear Mr. Karmazin,

    I have had nothing but fantastic results any time I had issues with my Sirius service. However, I'm extremely disappointed in your latest channel change. Two of my favorite channels have been unfortunately reformatted, channels 39 and 116.

    In today's economy I have learned to do without additional luxuries but I have kept my two Sirius receivers. During the morning and afternoon drives I typically listen to Kids Stuff 116. It's a running request with my 4 year old even during the weekend with "Hey Dad, I wanna listen to Sirius 116 Kids Stuff!" (he's grown up on your station ID). But yesterday when I picked him up from school I was very disappointed when Kids Stuff was replaced with Kids Place Live. Laurie Berkner, Dan Zanes, and Imagination Movers were gone! Instead I actually had to check the station ID to see if I was on the right channel because it sounded EXACTLY like Radio Disney 115!! Needless to say, we weren't happy.

    Then this morning, around 7:20 Central Time, we heard Crazy Frog (which my son LOVES) and then DJ for the rest of my drive. What happened to the music? I am not pleased with this change. Kids Stuff is music not talk. I understand Kids Place Live is for an older age child and pre-school music is aired during the late morning/early afternoon time but that doesn't help us working parents whose children grew up listening to pre-school music during the drive time.

    Why does it have to be either/or? I thought the merger was supposed to be a GOOD thing by increasing the available music, not stripping away our current channels? If I could make a suggestion, keep Kids Place Live but bring back Kids Stuff on a different channel. There seems to be a few open channels in the Family Tier and surely there's room for both.

    Boombox channel 39 - Why do we need another pop station? Where are the electro-beats and remixes going to be played now? Alt Nation channel 21 is NOT going to be able to fit Boombox's music. Again, don't do away out right, please give us options.

    I'm willing to give the new Kids Place Live format a chance. After calling and speaking to a wonderfully friendly CSR at your call center I understand Sirius has be deluged with calls about the new line-up. The CSR suggested I write an email expressing my concern in this matter.

    I have been a loyal Sirius subscriber for nearly 3 years. I heartily recommend your radios to all of my friends, who in turn have become subscribers themselves. However, I am seriously not pleased with Kids Place Live and considering canceling my subscriptions to your services and heading to cd's and ipods. Local terrestrial radio has no programming for pre-school children, and now, neither does Sirius. I've had favorite channels deleted before (Discovery Channel 119) and favorite afternoon programs nearly canceled (Bubba The Love Sponge, Howard 101). I would like for another channel to have Kids Stuff loaded back in the line-up. I will give Kids Place Live another chance but it needs to be less talk and more music, it is nearly as bad as commercials.

    Please, please, please, bring another channel online with Kids Stuff and Boombox.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter,


    It really shocked the hell out of me to get that response! I think everyone should send a NICELY worded email to Mel about Boombox and see if we can't make a change! (remember, screaming and profanity gets the emails put in the trash can)

    Speaking of Alt Nation, where's Madison? Is she still out recovering from plastic surgery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vampirehunterzx View Post
    I just joined this forum because I am PISSED off about Sirius getting rid of Boombox. Although I will miss the station I will have to thank Sirius XM because I found something way better and in the long run way cheaper and is all thanks to them. its called Slacker Radio. Go here and click on Electronic/dance and then on Electronic and you will be very pleased. The Station is like boombox as far as music but even better, when they play a song you dont like you can simply skip it. Its free if you listen to it using your PC. But if you want to listen to it on your car or on the go you can buy their Slacker G2 at bestbuy for $199.00 Here is how it works: it loads all the songs on your favorite Station/Stations or your own personalized Station (up to 2500 songs) using WIFI or a usb cable and you can then take it with you and there is NO additional Subscription charges and it will update itself with the latest music. So is kind of like downloading a whole days Schedule of a radio stations music and then taking it with you and then not having to endure listening to a crappy song until they play a good one. If you don't like a song just press a key to BAN it or if you want to hear it more often press a key to say you love it. You can even make your own radio stations. The Sound quality is CD like. You should all show Sirius XM how displeased you are with no more Boombox and join me on canceling your acct and moving to the far superior Slacker Radio. You wont be disappointed. Oh and tell everyone you know and post it all over the internet.
    F%#K Sirius

    YOU BASTARD! I Can't get slacker in Canada. Now my hopes were all getting up and now I am gonna have to look into proxy and US IP's to get this going. I hold you personally responsible! lol

    FYI: Not avail in canada right now!

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