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I have no idea where they get stats from

They physically can't have complete stats. Satellite communications is like terrestrial radio or television, its one way. None of these technologies allows the sender to truly know who, how many, or where the signal is being consumed, much less what the consumer is actually watching/listening to. That's kind of where I call B.S. on their blanket statements about audience numbers. They have what, 3-5 foreign language channels still on? You're telling me more people are listening to the news in Korean than Boombox? Bottom line they didn't understand the commercial viability or differentiation that would make Boombox in their mind a channel worth retaining so, they combined that lack of understanding with this supposed survey they did and axed it. Now they are just being stubborn and refusing to even consider they may have made a mistake. Things like disco and classic hip hop are easy to understand for these jacks and they can wrap their pee brains around why people want them so they are back on. It has little to do with the audience numbers because as I stated before they can't possibly know how many people really listen.

Bottom line: They can't even tell the difference between BPM/AREA/BOOMBOX so how can we expect them to want to return it back?