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Thread: Please help save Boombox!

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    Gave up hope! The concerns I sent to Sirius were responded to with largely irrelevent form-letter responses to my concerns. So I cancelled. I think satellite radio is a good idea but not if you can't program it. If BOOMBOX comes back, I may consider starting up again. I'm not going to plug any products but there are alternatives out there. Good luck to those who continue the battle for breaks.


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    More good stuff to tune in to instead of Sirius

    So since they are going broke and apparently will never turn back on boombox....

    I found some more good stuffs to listen to instead.

    XLR8R has a good podcast. Google that name and you can find their site. It has lots of good stuff.

    Also, many of you heard the DJ 007 mix set on Area about 2 months ago. One of the artists in that mix is "The Glitch Mob". Great stuff if you google them as well. They have an MP3 mix in the music section of their site if you want to get something to listen to.

    RIP old Boombox. In the meantime I will have to get Glitch Hop and Dub Step mixes via MP3 off the web. Actually the stuff I've been finding on my own is WAY better than what they play these days. Money lost for them oh well. Big Up everyone and maybe someday they'll come to their senses if they don't go out of business first.

    Hey just 2 more podcasts to feed the need:

    BassNectar (The guy that did the remix of Lucy In The Sky on that DJ 007 they played)
    TemporalFusion (Has Glitch, DNB, etc. listening to it now and it is AWESOME)
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    Thumbs down Thanks for the podcast info

    Thanks for the podcast info, all that have given it. If anyone has any other suggestions for where to get Boombox-type music, please continue to post here.

    I've finally cancelled my 2nd subscription to Sirius, as I no longer use that receiver anymore (it was a Boombox-only receiver).

    Pretty sad, I used to be so pro-satellite, but this whole ordeal has just made me sick to my stomach. Maybe one day there will be room for a new company with a better marketing plan than these idiots at SiriusXM (spend millions & millions for overrated "celebrity" crap content, while not really giving a S**T about the one thing most people listen to the radio for - MUSIC!

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    Wow. So Ive just returned from a long training cycle and a deployment to find that my favorite channel is gone. SIRIUS XM has been debiting my account for close to two years while I was away and I was fine with that thinking Id be coming home to a boatload of new material on my favorite Boombox channel - but now its just crap.

    I do like AltNation but its no substitute for Boombox.


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    No Boombox - No subscription.


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