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Ok guys this is it! You want your boombox back like I do? Then we gotta put our money where our mouth is! ITS TIME TO FIGHT BACK!

Some of us have signed the petition, some of us are already looking for other sources, some are talking about a class action lawsuit. Here is the deal, we need to unite and organize. Surely some of you have connections in various important fields. Here is what I propose:

1.) Get everyone to sign the petition, everyone with a pulse. There were 56 when I signed. This is pathetice. We need a few thousand for it to mean anything. So we gotta tell everyone who is a fan of this music to sign. Do whatever it takes!!!!

2.) Someone needs to look into the class action lawsuit. This is false advertising and I am sure that there are other legal reasons that they cannot simply pull the plug on paid programming. To the guy that said that this happens on Terrestrial...NEWS FLASH this is a subscribed service. WE PAY FOR THIS!

3.) We need to unite and cancel our service even is you like some other programming. and...WE NEED TO CANCEL AT THE SAME TIME AND GIVE THEM YOUR FURIOUS REASON FOR CANCELLING!
4.) We need to inundate them with complaints and demands for return of our paid programming. Not nicely written appologetic emails but FURIOUS DEAMNDING LETTERS AND EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

5.) We need to create a website that shames Sirius and demands that they return our programming all of it and dump this other drivel that they are forcing down our throats at our EXPENSE!!!!!!!!!!!

Only way we win is if we are organised! And hit them the only place it hurts! The bank accounts!

Whose with me. Who can take on some of these responsibilities?
This is starting to turn into an episode of South Park.