On November 12th, 2008 I was driving to work and did not expect to find
that Sirius Programming has decided to cancel my favorite radio station, Sirius Boombox. Without warning, and with no explanation, the channel was replaced with yet another main stream pop channel, leaving no channel on any satellite radio to fulfill the need for the break beat, electro rock and remix format.

As a longtime Sirius subscriber I ask that you reconsider this decision. Eliminating your niche, non-mainstream channels will result in loss of subscriptions and will open the door for competitors!


Instead, we were drawn to your diverse channel selection that made available to us styles and genres of music that don't get satisfied by local markets. Boombox was one of those stations that opened our eyes and ears to songs and music that, without it, we would never have had the opportunity to hear on radio. A weekly radio show on Alt Nation and another mainstream electronic station in BPM do not make up for the loss of Boombox.

We also did not sign up for Sirius to get the lesser quality channels available on XM, such as BPM. If that were the case, I would have chosen XM. I understand that a merger is taking place between these two companies but that should not necessitate eliminating channels that do not overlap with the programming on ANY of your other channels. Instead, please eliminate the stations that DO overlap. Area 38 and Boombox are my two favorite channels and neither one of them can be replaced by any other channel available on Sirius or XM.

The music format played on the channel that has replaced Boombox overlaps with 9 or more channels already available on Sirius XM, whereas the music format of Boombox overlaps with exactly ZERO other channels available on satellite radio. I understand the need to have channels that cater to the mainstream markets, but please understand that we chose to PAY for Sirius to have the opportunity to listen to channels that are outside of the mainstream realm, such as my favorite channel Boombox. Our demographic is young and growing, please don't burn the bridges you have built with us. The direction of Sirius XM is one that the local radio stations have already taken. Sirius XM cannot compete with FREE local radio by providing the same music that they provide.

Thus, as our benevolent satellite radio monopoly PLEASE consider the need for the smaller market formats. They are the lifeblood of satellite radio. They are the reason we pay for radio. I cannot believe that Boombox was in any way causing Sirius to lose profitability with its refreshing breakthrough style and music selection. So on behalf of the shocked Sirius fans everywhere, please bring back the music of Boombox for our sake and our continued patronage. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR BOOMBOX.

Thank you for your consideration.