Interesting entry in wikipedia..

Boombox was a Breakbeat and rock remix radio station on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 39 and DISH Network channel 6034.

Started by DJ Liquid Todd, Boombox had a format consisting of breakbeat music genres including old school breaks, nu skool breaks, drum and bass, rock remixes, bootlegs and mashups (sometimes referred to as Bastard Pop). DJs on the channel included Liquid Todd and DJ Icey. Guest DJs appeared on the channel each Friday night at 10pm EST for the "Boombox Mix Session" feature.

As of November 12th, 2008, Sirius repurposed this channel for "Pop2K," which plays mainstream/top-40 pop from the 2000's. No electro-rock alternative has been provided.

Other than Liquid Todd and Dj Icey anyone know of any other DJs that were on there?