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Thread: Please help save Boombox!

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    Unreal... How is alt nation a alternative to boombox?!?!!?!?! The loss of boombox and backspin is devastating. Sirius has lost two Genres of music here clearly hurting subscribers.

    They have the same about of music channels now but the electronic listeners get screwed with the loss of two channels plus the loss of Backspin and the XM guys also lost their old school hiphop channel. The direction of sat. radio seems to be moving like terrestrial radio.. more pop. What a shame.

    The XM electronic listeners got screwed too and lost the system.

    POP2k?!?!!?!?!?! What a slap in the face. It should be channel 2 not 39.

    Please bring back Boombox and Backspin!

    I was hoping with the merger I'd be able to PAY MORE and get stations like the System, the rhyme ecttttt. Now we get less choice. What a shame.
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