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Thread: Michael Hartleib Video Interview.

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    Michael Hartleib Video Interview.

    Click here: Video -

    Michael Hartleib interview on Fox Business.
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    No turning back now...

    Very nice, thanks.

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    I wonder if this had any affect on the stock's performance today?

    I don't see how it could of helped....

    Maybe in the long run it will help by motivating management to do something?

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    Do something regarding what? (Sorry but I'm not up to speed on how people around here have taken to Hartleib's argument.)

    Do you mean do something to deal with him? Or do something to fix the company? If it's the latter, I hardly think they are sitting around with their thumbs in their asses counting ceiling tiles.

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    He comes off to be a little bitter. Not sure it was a good PR move by him, but perhaps he is finally getting the attention he craves and will be gone soon.

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    whether you agree with him or not the man gets shit done.

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    Man that takes a lot of balls to get up there and claim that you've never had litigation against them in the past... while technically true, he really is splitting hairs. He has been up this company's butt for two years -- with numerous FCC filings of different types, getting involved with the previous class action suit (as a third party) so that it got dismissed and now with this latest lawsuit filed by him back in August.

    Sure he never "litigated" them before, but he has been involved "legally" one way or another with them for 2 years... the reporters need to learn to ask the question the right way, so that he cannot spin it like he did. IMHO, that statement by him in disingenuous at best.


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    Well now we know what a horses ass looks like.

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    Maybe he can get his money back doing infomercials with kevin trudeau or that creepy guy with the pencil thin mustache that sells colon cleanse products.

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    Wouldn't it be crazy if this asshole was spot on right?

    Look at all the people who were right on about the credit crisis, only to be brushed aside and called crazy. Now all those "crazies" are going to wind up with great new jobs.

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