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Thread: Jag, Delphi and Riaa against Hd/Satrad mandate

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    Jag, Delphi and Riaa against Hd/Satrad mandate

    Only a few comments have been made to date on this subject.within the FCC docket which is requesting information and or comments.

    which i find a bit surprising I expected more from the die hard sat-rad investors whom have already felt enough pain over the last couple of years.

    lets see sat-rads not allowed to originate programming that differs from its national signal via repeaters. but the old broadcasters can ask for forced inclusion in sdars for its local content.

    Heres the link for anybody that may have a interest in this issue.

    heres a semi related thread from radio Which has a link to a survey on jacobsmedia site hdradio and the efforts and results thus far by broadcasters.It looks like it is a survey from iBiquity.
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