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    They've fixed it!

    Lo and behold, yesterday morning I received an e-mail from sirius with a link to a download to fix the issues with Android 2.2. It took only a couple of minutes to download - I was on the road at...
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    Sirius App for Android "Froyo"

    Does anyone have any information on when Sirius will release an update for their Android app? Verizon has rolled out the release 2.2 operating system and the current app loops the first 60 seconds...
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    Geez, Guys, I just wanted you to get rid of the...

    Geez, Guys, I just wanted you to get rid of the spammer...
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    Delete this "loser member"

    It seems this forum has been spamed:mad:. I hope you have already deleted the member named "Creemnend". If not please do so post haste; along with his/her spam.

  5. Hopefully the end of this story in another week...

    Suddenly last weekend and during the next several days it began to take 1 to 2 full minutes to get a signal in to the receiver in the 2008 Avalon. And then reception would be spotty. So, I said to...
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    DJ's talk too much...

    Hey, I listen almost exclusively to Bluesville and those guys add a lot to the content with interesting facts, history of various artists. They also do a great service in that they, on occasion,...
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    Oops, sorry. Just saw the Terk extension cable...

    Oops, sorry. Just saw the Terk extension cable on the TSS site.
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    Thanks, Guys. Does the PNP home indoor/outdoor...

    Thanks, Guys. Does the PNP home indoor/outdoor antennae have a longer cord, or an extension cord available? My surround sound is in the middle of the house. I would need an extra 20 feet or so so...
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    What is best for in-home use?

    Hi All,

    I'm considering adding Sirius to my in home surround sound system. Right now I have a Onkyo receiver that's around six years old. Should I add a home connect kit to use my Sportster 5...
  10. The saga continues...

    WOW, I just lost the entire reply I had typed when I went to the preview screen! It apparently lost my login. Here's another attempt...

    Following Matt's suggestion I talked to the folks who did...
  11. Yeah, I've thought about going to the folks that...

    Yeah, I've thought about going to the folks that installed the Sportster 5 setup in my Tacoma. They did a great job - no exposed wiring, aux input, clear sound. Just worried about warranty issues...
  12. Guess that's that

    Thanks guys. Sounds like I learn to live with it. Or the next option is to see if Toyota will refund the extra bucks for the satellite - the odds of that happening are about the same as winning the...
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    How's your SIGMA working out?

    Hi Jazzcaster,

    How's your SIGMA working out? Toyota used one on our new Avalon last October. My sound quality isn't that great (see my only thread) and one of the things I suspect is the SIGMA. ...
  14. Hi Guys, Thanks for the reply. I too, am...

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the reply. I too, am happy with the Sportster in my truck. It's the dealer installed Sirius setup in the new Avalon that kind of sucks. Unfortunately the dealer who did the...
  15. Sirius Sound quality in 2008 Toyota Avalon

    In my 2005 Tacoma I have an aftermarket installation of a Sportster 5 using the direct input adapter and a rooftop "hockey puck" antennae and I'm very happy with the sound quality and reception.
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