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    Sirius on the Kindle Fire

    anyone know if you can stream sirius from the sirius website using the browser in the kindle fire?

    I am a lifetime subscriber and have internet subcription included. i could lose my home my home...
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    musicdock app not working 9/27/2012

    anyone else having trouble connecting with the musicdock app for iphone today?

    the stations appear to buffer but will not play.
  3. I have Sirius for my car (lifetime sub) but in...

    I have Sirius for my car (lifetime sub) but in the house I have Slacker plus ($3.99 per month). you can create your own stations, pick the artists you want it to play,add news and sport reports to...
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    I stream sirius with the Musicdock app on my...

    I stream sirius with the Musicdock app on my iphone or ipod in the house. i also use an fm transmitter i got from ccradio to blast it to every radio in the house. the sound is great. also with the...
  5. Skyfire web browser app for iphone and sirius web player

    The skyfire app claims that it will allow you to play flash video on the iphone. anyone know if it will work the same magic with the sirius web player?
  6. iPhone app listening for lifetime sucbribers

    anyone know if they offer a discount for listening with the iphone app for us old lifetime subscribers?
  7. short answer...not yet

    short answer...not yet
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    Sirius "legacy" streams on iphone/ipad

    I'm a lifetime subscriber and have been using pocket tunes to stream sirius over my iphone. i read where the program plays from the legacy streams that were left after after sirius released it's own...
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