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    Slow uploading from PC to MSS to Stiletto

    Unlike my Ipod which uploads/updates in mere seconds, it takes 10-15 minutes to delete a playlist and/or upload a playlist.

    For some strange reason, if I want to upload new songs, especially into...
  2. Still struggling with the Stiletto memory

    I wrote a few weeks ago and someone wrote back....but I am still having problems.

    I have about 1400 songs on my 8GB memory card.

    However, I cannot have more than 150 songs on my internal...
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    Stiletto Playlist/Memory Issue

    I am on my second Stiletto since June as a result of the same issue.

    I have a 8GB memory card in my Stiletto and most of my 1200 songs have transferred over from my Ipod to the Stiletto.
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