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  1. dm_4
    thanks for joining denco...not sure else will drop by....we have so many threads going its crazy...hopefully it settles down.
  2. denco1
    What's up DM. Didn't know how to get in here. Now I do. No shit threads everywhere. Nice trades today. See you on one of the other threads...
  3. SlapShot27
    Hi DM and Denco. Regarding the whole "Midas $2.75" issue I do take issue with the way Midas presented his "$2.75 call". I have been wary of his posts ever since then and DO NOT visit his chat. I guess one gets a sense of a poster's (midas') character after "interacting" with them in the forum. I doubt I would have much use for a personality such as his in the real world. Thus, I ignore much of what he has to say in the forum... Just sayin. Ignoring him may be the best way to minimize his... assholish personality
  4. hedymoney
    Hi Fellas. I'm hoping this is the Slap Shot group. Not sure. If so thanks for the invite.
    Is this really a no Midas group. Those other groups are just too much.
    Also is there a No Midas general stock talk group?
    Would really enjoy a group where he's not able to infiltrate.
    Please advise.
    Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
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