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  1. Palin destroys Schwarzenegger. Ouch!
  2. "Only 34% Now Blame Humans for Global Warming", ouch
  3. Ouch! lol. Palin Redacted McCain Campaign Visor was Attempt to 'Be INCOGNITO"
  4. Palin once again shows herself to be Frugal.
  5. Obamas plan on climate change, borrow money from China so we can give it to China.
  6. Hugo Chavez attacks capitalism and gets standing ovation
  7. OMG! "UK Climate Scientists Accused Of Manipulating Russian Temperature Data"
  8. A Financial Newsletter for the Energy Industry Criticizes Vomit News
  9. Another Climate Scientist Provides Intelligent Information Not The BS So Common Here.
  10. Beck 'Raised the Stupid Bar' to "Nearly inapproachable'
  11. Repulicans Change Tune on Costly Health Plans
  12. Cant argue with Glen Becks facts and results so go after him personally instead.
  13. New Gas Wells Leave More Chemicals in Ground
  14. Chinese Hackers Linked to 'Climategate'.
  15. John Candle Lloyd Sarkozy Obama
  16. Chinese New Year
  17. Happy New Year. Let's Eat!
  18. We Just Want To Kick Some Ass.
  19. An Economic "Lost Decade"
  20. Just Take A Little Taste...
  21. ACORN Is Innocent ON ALL COUNTS‏
  22. Cheney Did WHAT???!!!!
  23. Take a look at how many places ACORN was found guilty.
  24. Did the Obama ever answer why he had a commumist, advising him, "Van Jones"
  25. This is yet another thing you can look forward to with Gov. running healthcare, LOL.
  26. WOW, Look At The Body On Her!
  27. Should This Lawsuit Be Allowed To Proceed?
  28. Toyota's Prius Top-Selling Car in Japan Last Year
  29. Prius selling in Japan is as much a surprise as the F-150 selling in America.
  30. Guiliani caught in a lie. Again!
  32. Don't Tase Me, Bro!
  33. Whose Sleeping Now?
  34. No, the Cold Doesnt Mean No Global Warming.
  35. Israel Defense Forces May Use Electric Cars to Cut Costs
  36. Ford's Transformation
  37. "Ford 2009 F150 Review - Can It Be a Best Seller 32 years in a roll.
  38. "Frigid forecast: Meteorologists calling for coldest winter in decades."
  39. "Britain shivers through coldest winter in decades."
  40. "Another Prominent Scientist Joins Dissenters of man-made global warming"
  41. Rudy comes clean. Sort of. Lol.
  42. Small, Hybrid, and Electric Cars Take Spotlight at 2010 Detroit Auto Show
  43. Ford's Global Future Rides on Next Generation Focus
  44. The Fusion Hybrid Wins Car of the Year
  45. Murdoch Son-in-Law ‘Ashamed and Sickened’ by Fox News CEO
  46. A small european van wins truck of the year
  47. Hybrids make up less then 1% of total global sales
  48. "Hybrids Sell Like Hotcakes and Other Myths of 2009 Auto Sales."
  49. Toyota Unveils there Newest Compact Hybrid
  50. Obama Whomping Cheney on Terror Handling in Cnn poll
  51. Cheney Said Palin was a "Reckless Choice" for Vice President
  52. JAG says criticism of Obama is way-off base
  53. Here is the definitive pronouncements on Hbrids.
  54. Here is the definitive pronouncements on Hybrids.
  55. Senator Harry Ried (senate majority leader) is a racist.
  56. boy will these people keep their mouths shut yes Clinton also, a racist.
  57. "Weather Channel Founder Wants To Sue Al Gore For Global Warming Fraud."
  58. Even Cadillac is getting into the Act.
  59. John Stewart Skewers Conservatives on Terror Attacks
  60. Amazing interview of John Woo by John Stewart
  61. When will hydrogen cars be !% of worldwide sales. Lol
  62. Be Afraid, Be Very, Very, Afraid.
  63. Pat Roberstson: Haitians "swore a pact with the devil"
  64. Leveling the Playing Field for New Energy Technology
  65. Relentless Corporatists And We Let Them Do This!
  66. Limbaugh, Robertson Take Heat On Haiti Remarks
  67. Our Great Capitalist System at Work For Corporations Not People.
  68. Head UN scientist (Mojib Latif) on climate change changes prediction to mini ice age.
  69. Our Great Capitalist System responsible for the greatest country.
  70. Be Careful Where You Send Your Money.
  71. A Sirius Tale
  72. 2009 5th warmest on record. And thats not all.
  73. Let's Kill Some People For Jesus
  74. Stewart tears apart Dems on MA. and Health Care
  75. OH NO! Don't These People Have Enough Horror Already?
  76. Down goes coakley, down goes coakley
  77. Toyota Accelerating Hybrid Push
  78. What did I tell you.
  79. If You're Gay (Or Not) Religion Is Your Enemy If You're "Different".
  80. First Steps of a Course Correction
  81. Stewart Destroys Fox News for Reveling in Scott Brown's Win
  82. Hilarious. 'Scott Brown is Now Apparently the 45th President of the United States'
  83. 'Why are Republicans Better Storytellers?
  84. Obama A Liberal, Communist, Socialist? HAH!
  85. No what is Obama with as little experience was ACTUALLY elected the 44th president
  86. Carly Fiorina pulls to within 3 points of Barbra Boxer
  87. Goldman Sachs Profits hit $4.8 BILLION. Pay up over 47% from 2008
  88. Ha, ha, ha, LMAO, wait til you see this.
  89. Obama's 'Volcker Rule' Shifts Power Away from Geithner
  90. Jan 21,2010: Past Decade Warmest Ever says NASA
  91. Did Brown Endorse a Birther?
  92. As Olympics Near, They're Ordering Snow.
  93. watch tonight Documentary the start of progressives and were they come from.
  94. They Myth of a Hydrogen Future
  95. UN: Himalayan glaciers warning not backed up by science.
  96. "primary united states climate centers now caught in data manipulation"
  97. Watch Documentary on Infrastructure in America on Feb 8 at 10 pm
  98. Southern California Storms
  99. From Fox News: Obama Still Smashes GOP Opponents
  100. "Liberal Air America radio going silent"
  101. FOX beats out all 3 other cable news channels COMBINED.
  102. Obama losing it again
  103. Chris Matthews (MSNBC) says soul lewinsky is his hero.
  104. Scott Brown: My Daughters are Available, Health Care Isnt. lol
  105. Stiglitz: Banks Have Failed 'Their Basic Societal Mission'
  106. His Name is Saul. LOL. Doesnt know about names or Hybrids
  107. Why the GOP Should Still be Nervous.
  108. This Is What Non-Activist/Strict Constructionist Judges Do.
  109. Global Warming Opens up Artic for Undersea Cable
  110. The Largest Shareholder of News Corp is Saudi Oil Billionaire
  111. "Scientists using selective temperature data"
  112. "Glacier scientist: I knew data hadn't been verified"
  113. This proves Global warming is on its way out.
  114. "Christmas Day Bomber Only Talked to FBI for 50 Minutes!"
  115. Wind Power Growth in 2009
  116. GM to Build its Own Electric Motors for Hybrids
  117. Anti-Acorn Activist Arrested
  118. CIA Agent Made Up His Story About Waterboarding.
  119. Obama Goes Toe to Toe With GOP House.
  120. The Daily Show Analyzes Cable News' Reaction to State of the Union
  121. What???????????
  122. China Leading Race to Make Clean Energy
  123. Liberial poll finds FOX news to be the most trusted.
  124. Glenn Beck is Americas second favorite TV personality just after Oprah.
  125. The World's Most Polluted Places, Yes China comes in #1.
  126. Republican Pens Memo to Kill Financial Regulation
  127. McCain's Top Economic Adviser: Record Deficits Would Have Happened Under McCain, Too.
  128. Republicans Vs. the Military
  129. More "Ethical" Corporate Behavior
  130. Climate Scientist Absolved of Distorting Research
  131. Race for All-Electric Car Charges Ahead
  132. Introducing Your Acorn/Landrieu "Investigators".
  133. Beck Backtracks After Lie
  134. Is This A Good Idea?
  135. Colbert Destroys Palin With Humor
  136. Palin Advocates War With Iran After Misunderstanding Pat Buchanan's Column!
  137. John Stewart Gets in on the Act.
  138. Stimulus Opponents Privately Beg For Government Cash
  139. The Corporate Octopus' Arms Grab Even More
  140. We Don't Need No Stinkin' Health Care Reform
  141. Newt Gringrich Gets a Little Fact Wrong!
  142. These People Are Our Terrorists-And Just As Dangerous
  143. The Myth of The Liberal Media
  144. The Party Of NO Voted Against The Stimulus And THEN TOOK THE MONEY!
  145. Conservatives Hate Taxes - They're Right, Aren't They?
  146. Colberts Rips Fox on Snowstorms.
  147. China's Fast Trains
  148. What Fear Does To Us And To The Country
  149. The Economic Elite Have Engineered an Extraordinary Coup...Part One
  150. Judging a Stimulus by the Job Data Reveals Success
  151. More Republicans Trying to Claim Credit for Stimulus Money they Originally Rejected
  152. Stimulus Job on States Bill in Mississippi
  153. Global Wierding
  154. Every Major Economic Research Firm Says Stimulus Added At Least 1.6 million jobs
  155. The Economic Elite Have Engineered an Extraordinary Coup...Part Two
  156. NASA Confirms Accelerated Glacial Melting Below the Surface
  157. Tax Rates For America's Top 400 Earners Fell As Income Soared in 2007
  158. Hank Paulson Blasts Republicans In His New Book
  159. John Ashcroft:Civilian Trials for Terrorists Have 'Use and Utility'
  160. How Many Lies Do They Get to Tell?
  161. And Yet More Lies. Unbeliebable
  162. Watch This and See Why We Are So Screwed Up in this Country.
  163. Some More Bill Maher!
  164. If Government Does Not Control Corporations This Is What Happens.
  165. Fair And Balanced - BS!! Never True, Now Exposed Again.
  166. Petraeus Takes on Cheneyism!
  167. Colin Powell Rejects Cheney's Claims
  168. Fox News Can't Upset Murdoch's Saudi Prince
  169. Respect Republicans? This is Who They Are.
  170. Stewart to Glen Beck: "Your a Communist!"
  171. CBO Says Stimulus Added 2.1 Million Jobs in Late 2009
  172. "Toyota Chief Overshoots Congressional Hearings by about 15O miles
  173. AHHH, Don't Ya Just Love That Southern Hospitality?
  174. 12 Ways To SAVE American Taxpayers $1 TRILLION
  175. Meet The Newest Republican Hypocrites.
  176. Beck's Brutal Vision of the Perfect Society
  177. The Hummer Is No Longer
  178. Address Jobs Now and Deficits Later
  179. Whirlpool Threatens Workers: Protesting Plant Closure Risks 'Future Jobs'
  180. Buffett: Bailouts Not Just For CEO'S
  181. Unemployment hits 10.8%, Presidential Approval Drops to 35%
  182. Its Time For Swaps to Lose Their Swagger
  183. How The GOP Goes Green
  184. The Axis of the Obsessed and Deranged
  185. You Cant Wish Away Climate Change
  186. Plug in hybrid Porsche.
  187. GOP Set to Triple Fillibuster Record
  188. Warmest Winter on Record
  189. This Is What Passes For Republican "Intellectualism"
  190. We Are Lied To Regularly - Be Skeptical - Verify Everything
  191. John Stewart on Beck's Massa Interview
  192. Health Care Reform Myths
  193. Insurer Went on Campaign to Drop HIV-Positive Clients
  194. Breaking News: Health Care Bill Cuts Deficit
  195. “Liberty!” “Tyranny!” And the A-Holes Who Shout Them!
  196. Tiff Over "Punk Staffers" as Rank Reform Vote Nears
  197. As Passage of Health Reform Nears.....
  198. The Pope, The Prophet, And The Religious Support For Evil
  199. Jefferson Is History In Texas
  200. Do Financial Interests Result in Positive Results in Scientific Research?
  201. 2009 Tax Refunds Boosted by Recovery Act
  202. The Top 18 Immediate Effects of the Health Care Bill
  203. Scary New Gop Poll!
  204. Fox Relentlessly Hyped Cantor's Lie
  205. Ignoring Child Rape Scandals, Pope Promotes Lack of ‘Intimidation’ for Holy Week
  206. Home Grown Terrorists
  207. The Funder of the Climate Denial Industry Unmasked
  208. Remember 'Climategate' Scientists Cleared of Major Charges
  209. Italian Exorcist: Devil Made NY Times Attack Pope
  210. Capitalism and "Free Markets" are Screwing Us Again
  211. Do YOU Believe What This Network Tells You?
  212. Conservative Senator Tom Coburn Says Dont Believe Fox Myths
  213. Outrageous: Exxon Mobil Paid No Income Tax in 2009
  214. CEO of Mine Where 25 Workers Were Killed Is a Teabagger
  215. Where's This So-Called "Liberal Media"?
  216. Building a Green Economy
  217. Medvedev: "Obama is a Thinker Unlike Other People". lol.
  218. You Had Better Read This - All Of It.
  219. Eat Much?
  220. The Budget Deficit is Shrinking!
  221. This Is How Govt Works - And We Always Lose.
  222. The Tea Party...Examined
  223. Famed Climate Change Denier also a Birther. Go figure. lol.
  224. What Conservatives Mean When They Say "Libertarian"
  225. Fox News' Media Critics Ignore Recent Hannity, O'Reilly Scandals
  226. Stewart Fires Back at Fox and ....
  227. The Crumbling GOP "GM=Government Motors" Meme
  228. Have Conservatives Gone Mad
  229. John Stewart's Punching Bag, Fox News.
  230. Let's Play A Game
  231. Impeach Obama Now Thread
  232. Republicans Continue to Raise Money Thru Illegal Mailer
  233. 1800 Sq. Mile (and growing) Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico
  234. The Secret of Obama's Underappreciated Success
  235. The Attack Coming From Bytes, Not Bombs
  236. Stewart Hammers Arizona Lawmakers for Immigration Bill
  237. Fox News Ratings Dive!
  238. Elizabeth Warren: Repbulican Bank Reform is a Failure..Failure is
  239. Charlie Crist running as independent
  240. Bill Maher: On Drill Baby Drill
  241. The NRA Opposes Closing the "Terror Gap"
  242. The True Cost of Gasoline
  243. Domino's
  244. America's Energy Crossroads
  245. The Calm, Cool, and Collected President
  246. Greek Crisis Exposes Cracks in Europe's Foundation
  247. A Money Too Far
  248. Red China, Green China
  249. Obama Oil Response:Aggressive as Crisis Unfolded
  250. Breaking:The Dome to Cap the Leaking Oil Well Did Not Work