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  1. Obama: "Cap & Trade Will Cause Electricity Rates To Skyrocket"
  2. If the MSM would have done their job Obama would have lost, HO., PA., and VA.
  3. CBO:House Health Bill saves 104 Billion dollars
  4. The CBO also says that the house bill will tax the crap out of you.
  5. John Stewart takes on Fox and Obama
  6. Fox Poll: Majority blames Bush for Economy
  7. Dems want to Curb Bank Overdraft Fees
  8. dont let the democrats make you feel bad, there is still SCHIP and Medicade.
  9. China-U.S. Group Plans Texas Wind Farm
  10. AARP and AMA Support House Health Care Bill
  11. John Stewart spoofs Glen Beck
  12. Fox New Reports: Millions of Grannies Flee U.S. as Death Panels Loom
  13. Stewart Catches Hannity Falsifying Footage
  14. Palin's Book goes Rogue on Some Facts.
  15. Some Sad Important Facts
  16. Fox Does it Again!
  17. AP assigns 11 reporters to find 6 things wrong on Palins Book.
  18. "MSNBC Host Apologizes for Using Fake Palin Pics"
  19. What a surprize the lib magizine Newsweek also gets nabbed for photo shopping.
  20. AMA only represents 17% of all doctors and 58% of elderly dont want this gov. health
  21. Fox turns on "very influential" AMA now that it supports Democratic Health Plan
  22. Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?
  23. "Global Warming's Impacts Have Sped Up, Worsened Since Kyoto"
  24. Insider:Palin uninformed on Latino Issues
  25. Over 100 icebergs drifting to N.Zealand: Official
  26. Global Warming Science Alarming says Climate Experts
  27. I am sorry I had a typo it is not 58% it is 68% of seniors against this Obama care.
  28. When you cook the books and lie about the data the science is meaningless.
  29. global warming scientist ADMIT to cooking the books on man made global warming.
  30. The CRU Hack
  31. Lets see what Mojib Latif the head IPPC has to say about the hacked Emails?
  32. Bow-Nonsense left Obama "speechless" (and so much more)
  33. Hypocristy Watch : Glen Beck yet again
  34. Oxford definition of "bow": submit, defer, yield, give in, give way
  35. Stolen E-Mails Sharpen a Brawl Between Climate Scientists and Skeptics
  36. Fox Host Gets it Wrong on Public Option
  37. "Hiding evidence of global cooling"
  38. "Newsbusters.org: ClimateGate Totally Ignored By TV News Outlets Except Fox"
  39. Fox Host Gets it totally correct on Public Option
  40. How come the Bush administration couldnt do this? Cowards?
  41. Obama slammed for Pardon of Turkey
  42. Oh NO! Whats That I See? Can it Possibly be...
  43. How come the Obama administation could not do this, the cowerds
  44. China Announces Large Carbon Emissions Cuts
  45. Debating the Public Option
  46. Businesses in US Brace For New Rules on Emissions
  47. Lobbyists Pushed off Advisory Panels. Why Didnt Republicans Ever do this? Corruption?
  48. Inhofe's Climate Change Hoax
  49. "ClimateGate: Both sides of the pond demand probes into data manipulation scandal"
  50. Climate Change is Inevitable--Its Time to Adapt
  51. Yes Bush protected us and Obamas polocies got us hit in his first year.
  52. Programmers sourse code proves manipulating data about global warming.
  53. Bush let Osama Escape in Tora Bora
  54. "Climate change data dumped."
  55. "ClimateGate and the Elitist Roots of Global Warming Alarmism"
  56. "Global warming consensus: garbage in, garbage out."
  57. GOP Objects to Putting Health Care Amendments Online:More Hypocrisy
  58. Palin's Bus tour is Actually a $4000/hour Private Plane Tour
  59. Climate Change Cover-up? You Better Believe it!
  60. Hannity Was Against Hacking Emails Before he was for it. LOL.
  61. Senate Health Bill Gets a Boost
  62. "Obamacare To Hike State Taxes in this new healthcare reform.
  63. Talk about Hypocrisy.
  64. This Years Global Temperature is on Pace to be the 6th Hottest on record
  65. Unbelievable, you have to see this to believe it.
  66. "Document Reveals U.N.'s Goal of Becoming Rule-Maker in Global Environmental Talks"
  67. What did I tell you: Breaking News.
  68. Conservative Blogger Breaks with the Right!
  69. "The Scientists Involved in Deliberately Deceiving the World on Climate."
  70. Colbert Crushes Beck
  71. The State of Climate Science
  72. "BREAKING: ClimateGate's Jones Steps Down Pending Investigation"
  73. Think what has been said about control of you is a joke...think again.
  74. "Researcher steps down amid global warming email scandal"
  75. The 7 Biggest Lies About The Supposed " Global Warming Hoax"
  76. "Facing Scandal, Scientist steps down during e-mail probe"
  77. "Climate Model Source Code Blatantly Rigged To Create Global Warming Hysteria"
  78. NO Climate Deal? NO Problem Says Clean Energy Firms
  79. John Stewart on ClimateGate
  80. This is the intelligence level of people that get their news from a comedy channel.
  81. "Paul Krugman in denial over climategate scandal - ABC"
  82. The New York Times:"In New York, It’s the Summer That Isn’t."
  83. Lets see if we can follow Obamas logic here.
  84. Google Earth Explores Climate Risks to California
  85. "Climategate: it's all unravelling now."
  86. Rumsfeld Rebuffed by Admiral Mullen
  87. Falling out of the Crazy Tree:Glen Beck loses Friends
  88. Hummm I guess libs cant read Rumsfeld said between 2001 and 2006
  89. India Announces Plans to Slow Emissions
  90. 29 days and counting until we know the global temperature for 2009
  91. Australia’s Senate kills off emissions trade laws
  92. "Obama Gave Same Speech in March, So What Took 100 Days?"
  93. Its 62 degrees in nyc today, but i know thats not how you determine global warming fa
  94. Elaine Chao Praises Bush Economy. In 2007 it was 4.7%
  95. One of the warmest years on record!!! Opps where are all the strong hurricanes?
  96. Palin Endorses Birther Cause
  97. 28 Days and Counting! lol.
  98. Tokyo Auto Show: An "Electric Parade"
  99. Nato Contributes 7,000 troops and will add more
  100. Former Fox News Host
  101. "Researcher: NASA hiding climate data."
  102. Palin says end this and just show a original birth certificate.
  103. Aetna Purging 600,00 from their Coverage
  104. Coal Must Embrace the Future
  105. Hybrids make up less then 1% of global sales
  106. "Americans Skeptical of Science Behind Global Warming."
  107. Tenessee Mayor: How dare our "Muslim President"
  108. The Green Economy is Dawning
  109. Obama: "Under my cap and Trade bill electric bills will skyrocket"
  110. Democrats call the Republicans Bluff
  111. The Lost Weekend
  112. Obama's Copenhagen Climate Trip
  113. Climate Change Threatens Life in Shishmaref, Alaska
  114. Hacked E-Mails Rebutted by Scientists
  115. How Obama came to Plan for 'surge' in Afghanistan
  116. "Polar bears are increasing"
  117. "Global warming lecture postponed due to snow in Texas"
  118. UN Says Climate Finale May Have Happy Ending.
  119. US Forecasts Smaller Loss from Bailour of Banks
  120. Key Global Climate Talks Begin in Copenhagen
  121. How many days left before we know global temperature for 2009?
  122. Obama Rallies Dems to Wrap up Health Care Bill
  123. Solar 40% Breakthrough
  124. "commented code by the programmer tells the real story"
  125. "Meteorologist Documents Warming Bias in U.S. Temperature Stations"
  126. "Nearly 90% of Temperature Stations Show Extreme Heat Bias, Study Says"
  127. Pictures of most to almost all official climate stations.
  128. wow 40 breaktrough, now they just have to get it another 32% to make economical
  129. E.P.A Sets Carbon Crackdown
  130. 192 Countries Attending Copenhagen Climate Conference. "He Boycotts". LOL.
  131. Republican Rep. Cantor Cant Name a Single GOP 'Big Idea' on Jobs Creation.
  132. Obama May Use Tarp Money for Small Business/Jobs
  133. Money And Its Uses.
  134. This Decade is Warmest on Record, 2009 Ranks 5th
  135. Open Government Directive: Obama Moves on Transparency Promise
  136. "Oopsie daisy… NSIDC misplaces 500,000 sq. kilometers of arctic ice"
  137. democrats have to spend spend spend its their nature.
  138. Obamas 787 Billion stimulas should be named "Obamas slush fund".
  139. A Small Understandable Error
  140. Senator Harry Reid tries to rewrite history.
  141. UKs MET office caught lying about tempatures.
  142. Outline of Senate Health Bill Emerging
  143. Going Cheney on Climate
  144. Global warming/communism, 6 of one half dozen of the other.
  145. $1.4 BILLION Oregon/GE Wind Deal Announced
  146. LMAO at this latest poll
  147. Dont Let the Climate Doubters Fool You.
  148. Stewart Skewers Fox's Bad Math in Global Warming Poll
  149. yea kind of like saying dont let facts get in the way of the truth.
  150. As if it were not bad enough New Zealand cought cooking the books on global warming.
  151. Can someone explain this to me.
  152. Stewart Catches Beck Digging for Gold
  153. Wall Street Financial Reform Bill Passes with Zero Republican Votes.
  154. A SeniorAl-Qaida Operative Killed by Drone
  155. Michael Steele on Global Cooling. LOL
  156. Meet a Leader of Climate Change Denial
  157. Review: Global Climate Science NOT Faked, but Not Pretty.
  158. If the driver of your bus was going to drive off a cliff would you let him.
  159. Obama Blasts Banks for Opposing Financial Reform
  160. man made global warming scientist say it will cause more and stronger hurricanes.
  161. Climate Bill/Talks Have Already Forced Utilites to Change
  162. Climate Protestors Compared to Hitler Youth
  163. Only 19 days left until we get the facts on Climate readings for the year 2009
  164. Obamas wants to bankrupt the coal industry, how to you like that VA., OH., PA.
  165. When It's Personal It's Not As Easy As You Thought.
  166. The AP Destroys the Phony Climategate Scandal
  167. In Bolivia, Water and Ice Tell of Climate Change
  168. This is why man made global warming is not debated more by them, check it out:
  169. this is why you cant trust them on their facts and figures.
  170. Another UN Scientist Bails: UN IPCC Coordinating Author Dr. calls it fraud
  171. Toyota to Sell Plug-In Hybrid in 2011.
  172. AP busted on its bias again, my god will the truth ever stop coming out.
  173. Prominent Dutch Scientist: 'Climategate e-mails prove the intent to deceive'
  174. UN IPCC chair Pachuari now throwing key UN Climategate scientists under the bus
  175. "Tide is turning on climate change"
  176. In The Early !900's Cars Were Less than 1% of all Transportation
  177. yes but by 1920s they were the main way of transportation (after railroads)
  178. "North Pole: ice 100% thicker than expected."
  179. Glen Beck's Brain is 100% thicker than expected
  180. Holy Crap. Nissan Chairman Says he Believes
  181. Republicans are Secretly Rooting for Chinese Car Alternative Energy Companies
  182. ALL Toyota Car Models are going to have HYBRIDS by 2020.
  183. Artic Polar Ice Cap May Be Almost All Gone in Summer in 5 to 7 Years.
  184. Pentagon, CIA Eye New Threat: Climate Change
  185. Don't Criticize Business Or You'll Get "Fair And Balanced" Threats.
  186. China Races Ahead of US to Invest in Green Energy
  187. "Centers for Medicareactuary warns Senate bill will cost more."
  188. "Arctic (Non) Warming Since 1958"
  189. There is NO such thing as Objective Science. Ignorance Rules
  190. "report finds that the proposed cuts would reduce benefits for some seniors and could
  191. Only 17 days until Climate figures are in for global temperature
  192. Only 17 days before they try to lie to you AGAIN.
  193. Monster Iceberg Shedding Hundreds of Offshoots
  194. Monster ice burg broke off because it got to big.
  195. Climate Change To Drive Up to 1 Bilion from their Homes
  196. Climate Change Might Leave 120 Million Indian and Bangladeshi People Homeless
  197. In Bangledesh, Climate Change is a Matter of Life and Death
  198. Liberial Idea about DTTE KILLED 1.5 million people.
  199. Liberial climate change tells the poor countries tuff luck.
  200. Bloomberg Eyes Danish Offshore Wind Farm
  201. Kennedys Favor wind farms to just not anywhere near (10 miles) their homes.
  202. Obama Tells Nation's Top Bankers of their Duty to Tazpayers, Economy
  203. My photovoltaics picked up a lot energy today.
  204. 22 Million Missing White House Bush Emails Found
  205. Colorado's Green Rush: Medical Marijuana
  206. JA Solar Sees Strong 4Q Shipments; Shares Jump
  207. government funding of Wind and solar will cost to many jobs.
  208. solar and wind is costing you alot but you may not relize it yet.
  209. "Wind energy and green jobs are not at all ‘sustainable’."
  210. "Wind Power Dollars and Sense"
  211. someone should tell Al Gore even the IPCC says that the sea level will not rise.
  212. Did i mention that China is racing ahead of the US to invest in Green Energy?
  213. Did I mention, solar and wind is costing you alot.
  214. Did I mention, "Wind energy and green jobs are not at all ‘sustainable’."
  215. Did i mention i was making money on my alternative energy stocks?
  216. Did i Mention that some Chinese Communist spies are on this site?
  217. Another UN Scientist Bails: UN IPCC Coordinating Author Dr. calls it fraud
  218. Did i mention that this was The WARMEST DECADE on record?
  219. "Wind energy and green jobs are not at all ‘sustainable’."
  220. China's Renewal
  221. Only a twit rates himself
  222. China the country that says no to climate change agreements
  223. Climate Change Could Drive Vast Human Migrations
  224. Another lie IPCC even says sea levels will not get that high.
  225. "Centers for Medicare actuary warns Senate bill will cost more."
  226. 'Lawrence Solomon: Numbers racket"
  227. Hear it straight from the horses ass, I mean mouth
  228. Tarp to Earn Healthy Profit for US.
  229. Palin's Own 'Climate-Gate'
  230. Pope Urges Action on Climate Change "This is an urgent crisis"
  231. Climate Denier Monckton Lies to AP, DENIES he Called Group "Hitler Youth"
  232. Israel Going All Out in Green Technology
  233. Obama Promotes Home Energy Effeciency Program
  234. World's Top Polluter Emerges as Green-Technology Leader
  235. This guy is suppose to be their front man on global warming, wait to you see this.
  236. Hummm where have I heard this before: polar ice cap will be gone in 5 to 7 years.
  237. Biden discusses future of smart meters in homes
  238. A look into the future of Obamacare.
  239. "40% Support Health Care Plan, 56% Oppose It
  240. Democrats pass another 434 billion spending bill which has 5,000 earmarks
  241. "Global warming is cooling down"
  242. Objective Facts Not Bullshit
  243. U.S. Study: 1 in 5 Lost Health Insurance in Past Year
  244. BMW electrifies the 1-Series with Concept ActiveE
  245. Seychelles Getting 'Sinking Feeling'
  246. 1 in 5 whop lost their health insurance in the last year have Obama to blame for that
  247. 1 in 5 who lost their health insurance in the last year have Obama to blame for that
  248. Palin has reason on climate change.
  249. Broadband Stimulus Package to put Rural Areas, Communities Online
  250. Schwarzenegger Calls out Palin. Ouch!