When we first revealed the existence of the anti-merger form letter, it seemed an organized campaign to gather as many anti-merger comments as possible for submission to the FCC. The practice has continued since then, and more information has come to light regarding this campaign.

Today, the form letter campaign continued with over 1,200 more comments being published on the FCC website. The total for these form letters now stands at 3,700. This represents 73% of the comments against the merger. The comment deck has indeed been stacked.

Prior to this form letter campaign, which appears to be generated by readers participating in a survey with leading questions, roughly 75% of the comments filed with the FCC have been for the merger. In fact, if these form letter comments were removed from the picture, over 77% of the comments submitted to the FCC would be pro merger.

As things now stand, 50% of the comments received by the FCC represent an anti-merger sentiment. 49% represent a pro-merger sentiment. We will keep you updated as the story develops.

position - Long Sirius, Long XM