For many years Ford had been viewed as a stable yet conservative platform that gave consumers good value and good quality, but was not always cutting edge. Some used to call Ford a "Fast Follower". These days Ford is stepping up more and more and developing cutting edge styling in combination with a more advanced stance when it comes to technology.

Ford announced today that they will be expanding the capabilities of their innovative "MyKey" system. The "MyKey" system allows the car to discriminate between drivers depending on which key is used to start the car. A child driver can be given a key that will govern top speed, or not allow the audio system to operate until a seat belt is fastened.

The new features of Ford's "MyKey" will allow parents to censor up to 16 audio channels with adult content. This means that channels on Sirius XM Satellite Radio could be blocked by parents through Fords "MyKey" rather than through Sirius XM proper. Consumers who choose parental controls through Sirius XM are effectively shutting off those channels to themselves as well as their kids. With "MyKey" the content delivered by Sirius XM is dependent on the key used to start the car.

Such a system would allow an adult access to adult content while still blocking it out for the child. Sirius XM has a number of channels that adults may not want their children listening to. Howard Stern, Playboy Radio, Spice Radio, Cosmo, Shade 45, and Out Q would be examples of channels a parent may block from minor children.

Ford plans to roll out the additional "MyKey" features by fall of 2011. Satellite Radio is a wonderful service, but the breadth of variety can give parents cause for concern. Ford's unique and forward thinking approach to the issue is commendable and actually enhances the value of satellite radio to consumers.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio, No Position Ford