Ford Motor Company is working hard to streamline their business and build synergies of their own. With truck sales down, and consumers buying smaller and more fuel efficient cars, Ford is Focusing on the Focus model.

The big three automaker is making strides at creating a more global platform. By doing this the automaker will bring the U.S. model cars more in line with cars sold in other parts of the world. Right now, the commonality in parts is at 20%. Ford is targeting 90% common parts for the 2010 Ford Focus.

Ford sees such moves as allowing them to weather the storm of slow sales, by getting more value out of the manufacturing process. As with many automakers, Ford is trying to find any way possible to squeeze dollars out of cars, while at the same time, keeping up with all of the technical gadgets sought by consumers.

Satellite Radio provides a residual income for automakers, and their shift to including the service on more and more models would indicate that auto manufacturers see a value in the satellite delivered services. Unlike AM, FM, or CD's, satellite radio actually puts money into the coffers of the auto industry.

The fact that Ford is hiring a 40-person research team to deal specifically with on board wireless systems indicates a strong commitment from Ford to not only Sirius, but on board technology. watch for satellite penetration to keep improving, as it is, for OEM's, a revenue generating venture.

[via MarketWatch]

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