Today, I woke up to a very cold December morning. No heat nor hot water for that matter as well. I got into my work truck a bit disgruntled to say the least, turned on the heat and discovered that I had no heat there also. Typical Monday morning! After a brief stop to get my morning coffee, I headed to the local Ford dealer.

I found it ironic as I pulled into the lot that I was drinking Green Mountain Coffee, driving a Ford, and listening to Sirius; All of which I own stock in. Right in front of my parking space was a large Sirius XM banner, and a box of Green Mountain Coffee at the Ford dealership! Go figure.

Of course my mind begins to awake as the coffee begins the morning thaw, and I zip back inside to question the all too bored sales staff. I admit, I should have asked a million or so questions, but lets face it, I was pretty much frozen at that point. I always have this mentality to ask the most important question first in the off-chance that I do not get a second question in. I own 3 Ford's so I figured I might get an answer or two.

I figured the most important question to ask if I had only one was in regard to the current Sirius penetration rates of the cars on the lot. The salesman seemed astonished at my question. According to this one salesman at this one Ford dealership (which I admit falls far short of sufficient market research) Sirius is equipped in EVERY NEW CAR on their lot. That response took me by surprise, and I questioned him further as I explained the targeted penetration rates for the model year. He again repeated that to the best of his knowledge, Sirius is equipped in every new Ford on their lot!

100% penetration? Are you sure? "Yes, we just have to activate it!"

Now as I stated, this is only one Ford dealer. What's it like in your hometown? Got a moment? Pop into your local car dealer and drop us a line here at SiriusBuzz. We'd like to know!

Positions: Long SIRI, GMCR, F